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[FAR VERONA // S02E02 // Q&A] A Harrowing of Ants

We’re off to a hot start with season two, it seems!


Loving Season 2 of Far Verona, the new system is really cool and I love the more story driven style.

Was great to see a cameo from Arnehan, I hope we get to see more interaction from her in future as she heads up this team to follow hot on the trail of the PC’s to hunt them down and do her Imperial duty for the good of humanity.

I wasn’t able to watch the first episode live and didn’t pick up from the VOD’s about the shorter run time. Does a 3 hour session time work better with the new system over a 4 hour session?

You guys were on fire today start to finish. So much fun and so many great moments. Really loving the vibe of this cast.

Elspeth is now fated to encounter a Triangulum weapons facility with the killer ants she was hoping for. This was a fun episode.

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I can’t possibly be the only person that is reminded of Tanya Degurechaff whenever Haley does something wild.

Gonna be interesting seeing Mom Wheat’s protective nature take over.