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(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #1

Hello everyone, as always, when a roleplay show starts with a new cast and characters, it’s inevitable that i start imagining how those characters appear and then draw them.
Sci-Fi isn’t really my comfort zone, so please bear with me as i stumble around trying new things xD.

Well, i hope you like these ideas and see you soon with (hopefully) new fanart <3 <3

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #2

First update! I put up some doodles i came up with. Dipping for the first time into sci-fi, i kinda like where this is going. I probably should exagerate the tech and futuristic equipment/clothes. I’ll need also to look at the GM prep and worldbuilding to see if there are some guidelines about the looks for all of them.

(Sticklordz) #3

Dood, these are awesome. A lot of character in your characters. Keep it up!

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #4

Just Updated the thread with my new work. Once i defined the ideas for the characters i started doing a big illustration. It’s still a work in progress, but i menaged to finish the defintive lineart for the main characters. Hope you’ll like it. <3 <3