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[FAR VERONA // E20 // Q&A] The Dust Settles


(AdamKoebel) #1

Berkmann is pacified! Congratulations?

(Kunarian) #2

KiLl GrAnDmA

(Hablaman) #3

When are we getting extensive backstory for our new best boi Doyle?

(AnneMunition) #4

I like how we flew down, took out the “leaders” on the planet and are just like “YOU’RE SAVED CONGRATS” and we’re just leaving??

Oh Crux.

(econpaulicy) #5

Any chance we’ll see Linus Reed again? Also, with Tal’at Lau and the UPC out of the way… who is this good for? I mean there’s the Church, Trill, and Crux all on the planet who would potentially gain from this. If the PCs don’t do anything and kind of forget about Berkmann altogether… what happens?

Also: What happened to the Trill operatives that Linus mentioned when talking to the Emira?

(AdamKoebel) #6

This is good for exactly nobody. The planet remains more or less lawless until a Faction comes to Seize it.

(Marachime) #7

I am looking forward to more Boyled Noodles: Hot Sauce Edition

(apepi) #8

Adam, why did you decide to remind Nomi to use her powers?

(Martionize) #9

Will the ship’s Cultural Attache be needed to some Cultural Attacheing next arc? :smile:

(Twitch: snoble_) #10

I may be late to ask this question, How has nobody raised an Eyebrow at a Serpens Commanding a Crux on a hierarchical level?
(Despite deskjob dirtwad being a crux and more technically being “in charge”)

(AdamKoebel) #11

Nah, that’s why. It’s a Crux Officer leading a team with a Serpens second in command. Booker is sort of an embarrassment. Or was, it’ll be cool to see if he exerts a little of his major house muscle now that he’s had this success on Berkmann.

(econpaulicy) #12

I feel like that response captures the essence of Far Verona. :smiley: