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[FAR VERONA // E19 // Q&A] Kiran Curve and the Emiracle Whip


(AdamKoebel) #21

Less chunky but yep.

(profnesbitt) #22

Ok that was pretty much my assumption. That it’s like real world. Just needed to make sure it wasn’t DnD Style where gods are literal and probable to exist.

Another funny note. I really like how you did the trill bag of holding. If nomi takes the ability I’m pretty sure there is a level one or two precog ability that lets you expend an effort point to have an item you knew ahead of time you would need. Originally thought it was a meh ability but after this episode it seems crazy good.

(AdamKoebel) #23

Yeah, that’s just me riffing on Adventuring Gear in Dungeon World. Way too often we have these techno-fetish shopping sprees in games where you have to figure out exactly what you bought so you buy everything you could ever need but doing sort of nebulous gear is a lot more fluid and leads right into the action. Saves time and makes the same amount of narrative sense if you’re willing to accept that the character was smart enough to prepare.

(Arraxis) #24

Ahh, so more like the Macross Valkyries?

(kyppilalas) #25

Does a recap of the faction turn exist anywhere? I’d love to listen to them but usually can’t put the time in. And it sounds like I’m missing a lot. Is there a thread somewhere or channel on the discord?

(Scara29) #26

Adam puts the faction turns up on his YouTube channel, he posted October’s turn there 5 days ago.

(Womprats) #27

Took me way too long to realize “Big Snake” was Nomi. Sillily, I thought she was talking about Booker for… reasons :stuck_out_tongue: