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[FAR VERONA // E10 // Q&A] Heisenberg Was an Eridanus

if you haven’t seen it already, you gotta scope this sick map

How do you spell they syndrome that Christine is affected by?

Palimpsest Syndrome

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Hey Adam, can you talk about synth morphology a bit? In what ways are they different from humans? Are they just human biology, designed to spec, or are there fundamental differences?

Here are some specifics that I’ve been wondering about:

Obviously they can be programmed, and reprogrammed. How different are their brains? Are they strictly biological? What would a synth reprogramming chair do to a human?

Haley’s skin eats dirt and stuff, right? Is that a synth thing, or just a biomodification that could also be done to humans?

If this is too big a subject for a post, I think a lot of people would be interested to hear you go into it next time you do a GM prep or Q&A. :slight_smile:

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Ok yeah let’s answer some questions!

I think they have mainly human brains, but adjusted slightly to make them more job-appropriate. Less prone to trauma if they’re in traumatic experiences, etc. I imagine this is a combination of genetic manipulation and synaptic conditioning. Though they’re all such custom jobs that it varies pretty wildly from synth to synth.

Yeah, I think Trilliant has a lot of biomod options that were originally designed for synthetic humans, but it’s kind of taboo right now, given the big war. Humans want to seem human, yanno?

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Cool, thanks!

Are all synths stronger and more fit than humans, or just very well suited to their specific purpose? Hadeel said she needs to exercise but I can’t remember if she said it was to keep her strength up or just to expend energy. Can synths get fat? Could Haley get jacked?

Haley is like 180 year old, but still a child. Are there synths that age, or are they all immortal? (Edit: I guess Autumn’s sister aged, right?) How does that work, is “solving” death technically possible in Acheron Rho? Actually now that I ask I remember that being a thing Trilliant could do in Season 1, is that related?

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The thing I wonder about… Are there self reproducing synths? If so, could one reproduce with humans?

That map is awesome. If the creator is around here, any chance its source code is on github for perusal?