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[FAR VERONA // E09 // Q&A] Red Sunset


(Madkipz) #22

I really want to ask Anne as a character question considering Nomi spends basically 2 days with Yancy alone in a ship. How manipulated is he at the end of that? Does he get therapy ? Will he be at the Prudence for the next mission or do you convince him to transfer to somewhere else? There are so many angles to take and we never got to see where it went in the post-show.

(corran1189) #23

It’ll be interesting cause it’s even more time than that. a level 1 spike drive would take 12 days to do that trip and a level 2 is still 6. They’re gonna be stuck together for a while. I hope we get some vignettes.

(notNOTjack) #24

To take what trip? They weren’t going to Teuthem to meet their ship, they were just getting out of the planet and waiting close by, in space, possibly hiding with some asteroids, for the two days that would take the Prudence to return.

Someone joked in chat that Nomi and Yancy would have some sexy time while they wait and Anne joined in on the joke by saying that two days is a long time when you have nothing to do, what better way to fight the boredom than that. I actually like the idea that Nomi is so practical and detached that it would be something she’d consider. And Yancy… well, he would go for it in a heartbeat.

(tabletopweekly) #25

You know I’ve heard that statement a lot recently, and have to admit it was that thinking that pushed me to just go for it. Jaycen was a high-risk/high-reward kind of guy, imagine how it would have been if the dice had been a bit more in our favour!

(Qu4resm4) #26

From Booker’s interrogator:

We have suffered here in Hong Lu for too long, and you began to fight one another, we seized this planet for ourselves. Your civil war eats your from inside.”
“We don’t have to take the Empire on. It will destroy itself from within once it knows the truth

I don’t know if it’s just @AdamKoebel playing with words well, but those fucking lines got my conspiracy theory senses tingling. THOSE FREAKING LOYALTY BRIGADEERS ARE GODDAMN SYNTHS. Who survived the purge and took over Hong Lu as if they weren’t there already!

Whether I’m right or not, if I’m wrong and Adam decides to make it true afterwards, It’s goddamn electrifying engaging! I’m so excited! \o/

(corran1189) #27

Good point. I was thinking about after they got picked up but there would be other people on that ship. My bad

(ProsePiranha) #28

Hey Adam, I have a rules question. And preface this by saying that I by no means am attempting to cause a retcon of events in this episode (unless you decree it so), I’m just asking for a clarification of an rules edge case going forward.

My question is: “Does fall damage always count as lethal?”

Because in this scenario it mattered since as I recall Jaycen was reduced to exactly zero hit points by the fall damage. Seeing as there were no broken piles of rebar this time around, that damage could potentially be classified as non-lethal blunt force trauma.

And according to the dying rules on pg53 under the “Injury, Death and Healing” heading: “Foes brought down with fists, blunt objects, or other less-than-lethal Means may merely be unconscious or incapacitated, if their assailant wasn’t trying to kill them.”

In the long run he’s probably dead anyway but just in case someone falls again, I wanted to get your take on that.

(AdamKoebel) #29

A good question but he dead.

(Martionize) #30

@AdamKoebel Does this mean that the Loyalty Brigade now have access to an Authentic Richter signature from Riley’s Commpad?

(ProsePiranha) #31

Yeah I’ve moved to the Acceptance stage of grief, it helps that I like his new character concept even better.

Just wanted to get you thinking and make you aware of the edge case between death and KOs.