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Far Verona Character Animation Test

Ok, Nebula Jazz losing a lot of the characters did kind of put a pause on my whole ambition to do more animated stuff… but now its been rekindled with Far Verona!

So, I have something planned. Here is another one of my real-time puppets I’m making.

This is not any of the characters you find from Far Verona so sorry for that sort of clickbait, but rather someone from that world. I have some ideas for a few ACRE commercial spoofs that i’d like to do with him once he is fully complete.

Its real-time animation so once he is done I can animate him like this as fast as I think of stuff. Though I can animate some puppets, I’m not quite sure my voice goes with this guy… but umm… i can’t alter my voice.

Anyhoo, with out much further ado…Behold test # 27B/6

PS, sorry if this is a bit too jargon-ie… its basically me running through whats going on with this puppet and what issues I have.

PPS, points for those who got that whole 27B/6 ref.

This youtube link seems to not appear except when I edit it? hrm…

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was going jot just delete the post and repost the video when its done. again, here is the link… doesnt appear for me:

Yeah, embedding appears to be broken for some reason. @Crosseye_Jack and @TwitchSurgeon any ideas why?

Welp… here is the Animationtest