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[Fan Music] The Dark Streets of Duskwall

Hi everyone! First time poster here on the community forums.

Although it’s quite different from the music we usually get from Drumurboy, I play the harp and wrote some music inspired by Blades which I wanted to share with the community!

It’s my first real shot at writing music so I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Wow @samiaantha this is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing :itmejpheart:

That was so cool. I can see it as a track on the OST if Blades was a TV show :itmejp10:
Thanks for sharing :heart:

Maybe have it playing to a montage of those fanmade newspapers, along with sasquath-esque pictures of the Last Word. Maybe even have the last touch be something like it’s the evidence board of an inspector who’s been put in charge of investigating them, or some random Duskvol citizen who’s making a conspiracy theory board.

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That was awesome! Seriously great work!

That was great, gave me goosebumps :slight_smile:

This is SO GREAT. I imagine this is the song playing from Rosie’s jewelry box. :blue_heart:

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Not gonna lie, it’s really making me want to pick up my clarinet again, which I put down six years ago and ain’t looked back at since. Although now I’d have to buy a new one lol.

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Fantastic! Love all rollplay music , and this one is so fresh of the musical docks.

This is amazing, awesome work! I love that Rollplay inspires so many super talented musicians, one day they will all meet and we’ll get an orchestra :stuck_out_tongue:

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Felt like Fable meets Dishonored, could almost hear fucked up mariners songs on the background ! That’s fucking amazing I love it :heart_eyes:

I’m pretty sure, the music is so great, it moves your “She who slayes in the Dark” clock!

Damn that was awsome i love it, look forward to hearing more from you!!! :itmejp10: