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[Fan content(?)] The legend of the Blixnort


(RegularCore) #1

Roughly translated from an old lizardfolk stone tablet.

The Blixnort shall suffer great shame for he will be proof that even the holiest reptiles can be flawed, he shall live among thieves and a man of greed and twisted bone, tugging on the sales of the metal ships.

In due time he shall find companionship in the strangest beings, for the unjarred one sees no form only soul. This part speaks about some sort of vessel, but also a desert or fruit, I am afraid the decay has compromised the scripture

He shall witness the death of a golden god and its return to simplest form, for no matter how great a being is, we all share the same fate.

In the pit of malice of a derranged noble the unjarred one shall free the lizardmen from their torment and acquire plentiful bounty.

The Blixnort shall watch the mirrors of the fallen in the city of golems and covered by the holy blinders he shall win them over with great wisdom.

Aided by the one without home he shall colapse the towers of crystal and shatter the jars of memory.

Mounted upon the cosmical Karp the Blixnort shall ride among the stars.

On the promised land he shall give the rightful share and witness the crooked which has been deemed right.

Care not for the glittering fangs of the one who sits at the highest tower, for the real enemy slithers through noxious desert.

This tablet appears to be the first of many volumes, the existence of the Blixnort has intrigued many a scholar, as I uncover these volumes we shall see what truly lies behind them.

(uncecio) #2

ahah this is great! :joy: the legend of the Blixnort is growing

(RegularCore) #3

Thank you, I have been editing it non stop, it's that weird feeling when you make something but it's never "good" enough in your eyes.