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Fan art for Nebula Jazz, Mirrorshades and the Time cleaver


(vuzzbx) #1

Nebula Jazz


The Time Cleaver

(Awtum) #2

So many fanarts! :itmejpgasm:

These are really awesome and unique interpretations of all of the characters.

My favorites are Eugene and Crusher. They both have a look that suggests Rex and Bon Bon must have done something very questionable out of frame :itmejplol:

(vuzzbx) #3

Thank you very much. As far as the questionable things happening off screen, knowing the show you're probably right :grin:

(putridcheese) #4

That Eugene though. Really nice work!

(vuzzbx) #5

Thank you! Yeah Eugene worked out pretty well even though he is by far the easiest to draw.