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Factions of [the as yet unnamed SWN Rollplay show]

Updated info: Factions of [the as yet unnamed SWN Rollplay show]


God damn it. Time zones screwed me again :stuck_out_tongue: Checked Adam’s schedule to see when the new rule book review was happening and it said Saturday, well… I thought it was saying it would be Saturday for Adam but it was adjusting for my time zone. Juked by the program actually trying to help me :sweat_smile:


Like 15 minutes after the stream ended, I looked on this community site to see the post about it with everyone talking about their ideas.
It wasnt there.
So I considered writing it but I thought “… But what if as soon as I hit submit, 7 other people do?”

This is the conflict that has gripped me for over a decade.

I imagine it will all end up going through the Discord in the end anyway.


Super excited for the show. Hope one of the factions will be some kind of Earth Cult obsessed with old world knowledge and artifacts.


Mandate Cryogenic Preservation Vault. 50 pods still intact - the rest crushed by a cave in caused by seismic instability.

Like Star Trek, these ancient beings from the prime of sentient ability, who themselves first designed the super technology the sector now covets mere pieces of, awaken in a world where their technology is lost. How quickly do they retake the galaxy?

My guess? VERY quickly.

Does this Discord already exist? Or will it just be Adams?

Since there isn’t info anywhere I would assume it’s not set up yet.

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I was hoping for a psychic faction :frowning: but i’m also not sure how that intersects w/ the Academy and such :confused:

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Well there’s always the religious factions, I could see one being anti-psychic and one worshipping them.

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This is gonna be so good you all! I just worry that the spy situation will be out of control, in that everyone wants to be one for other factions.

Anyway, does anyone have prior experience with guilds or clans in MMORPGS? Or possibly corporations and alliances in EVE Online? I would assume people with experience in that would make for good leaders of the factions.

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Update, from memory(?):
House Vagrant, pirate flotilla.
14 Red Dogs Triad, organized crime.
ACRE Corporation, agricultural and agriculture-adjacent megacorp.
Trilliant Ring, lux.
Prism Media, hypermedia conglomerate.
The Deathless, mercs.
The High Imperial Church of the Messianic Emperor as it says on the box.
Church of Humanity, Repentant, damned heretical “progressives”. :itmejphappy:
United People’s Collective, rebel plebians.
The Guild, post-human gamers, basically pre-Fall Eldar crossed with the Q Collective, they just mind their own business and enjoy themselves (except when they decide their business is fucking with people, probably), not actually playable or on the faction turn.

I definitely forgot things.

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There are a couple of docs with most of the info from the stream:


Ayy, there ya go.

Where my dawgs at?




@grafzhl @Viratus You guys should make a mega-thread for your fan art posts so everyone can see it and contribute their own pieces! These are pretty good.

Yeah, I should have posted it in the House banners thread probably :smiley:

All I did was change SPQR to FFQ so I think I’ll leave mine out of that thread. But awesome work from @grafzhl and @herpandderp1!

I mean, I merely added the Chinese symbols for “14” and the 7-sided star to the dog image that I found with an image search for “pitbull icon” :stuck_out_tongue: