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Facourite Court of Swords moments to show a person whos never seen it


(Twitch: Violet_Hermit) #1

I wanna make a compilation of the best, funniest and most emotional CoS clips that are able to convince someone whos not seen it yet to give it a shot.

So if y’all have favourite moments from certain episodes Id love to hear them so I can make this thing.

(leacim88) #2

The first interactions with the Farang are close to my heart.

So when the Farang warrior blows up the forest in the live live show and after that when the party finds Tulpas “spaceship” is a cool moment

(Olf_Himself) #3

When they dropped Berg’s hammer into the fake Fountain in Utrix’s realm and all hell broke loose.

(TwilightBorealis) #4

I think episode 55 (The Rings) might be my favorite episode of CoS. Here are three great moments.
Episode part 2
1:42:00-1:44:50 (kalimat version)
Berg: “Break free of your binds and live strong”
Kalimat: “Endure and become strong”

1:50:55-1:55:40 (ramus version)

2:09:15-12:13:10 (rage version)

(Elyoslayer) #5


(leacim88) #6

The Pages death at the beginning of week 6 part 4 is quite amazing. Almost all of part 4 i great. You can find lots of moments to cut together there

(Twitch: Violet_Hermit) #7

Ty you all, especially for naming parts, episodes and times. :smiley: