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Ex-ACRE Khanate of House Vagrant Public Petition

As your ship floats through space, you’re rudly awakened as a voice forcefully comes over all your internal comms devices

On the screen a dark Indian woman appears, with sun damaged skin, tribalistic scarification and adorned in flashy ornate gold jewelery.

We - by the cunning of our fearless Admiral, the Kar Tenger Khagan, Samudra the Reborn, founder of Ex-ACRE Khanate of House Vagrant.

In reaching peoples who have made their submission, let them respect and stand in awe.

This is a directive to all those who may hear it, may they take note and comprehend, what has been said.

If this petition reaches you, the subservient, to the orwellian systems governed by the Houses Major ruled by their empty throne, or their puppet Houses, in which by given the name Aquila, Eridanus, Lyra, Pyxis, Reticulum, Serpens, or Triangulum, or otherwise employed or affiliated with the spineless corperation ACRE, must come aboard our deck and serve us. At that time, we, the emissaries of Ex-ACRE Khanate of House Vagrant, will make known of all the commands of the Yassa.

Defy this petition, the Shudra Horde, servants of the Kar Tenger Khagan, Samudra the Reborn, will claim you with Reticulim Sabre and it’s Fornax harras.

Her image dissapeers, you look out your bridge upon multiple battle equipped Fornax frigates acompanied by a fleet of adhoc starships, including fighters, shuttles and free merchant class ships floating abroad.

A 60 second timer ticks down as you see multiple fighters begin to encircle you.

You think to yourself, “Damn, nothing is worse than entitled pirates.”


Hey guys, I just watched the SWN faction creation. Created my own pirate group to join House Vagrant.

A Little background: the Ex-ACRE Khanate started when humans began to get laid off from ACRE jobs that were taken by synths, and robots.

I imagine the main group was a caste within the ACRE corperation (not my faction feel free to steal it though) pertaining to the indian caste system.

Found their new living by stealing what they could during the synth purge of ACRE, and got some decent ships. Took refuge with House Vagrant and are now claiming people and assets to grow their horde.

People who submit to the Ex-ACRE Khanate are treated as equals, those who become claimed are valued on their merrits if they are deemed of value they are given rights equal to those who submit, however those who are deemed not of value are subjugated, sold as slaves, executed, or work on the mobile farm ships that act as supply trains to the Ex-ACRE Khanate.

Looting: everything goes to the Khan, tributary is then paid out to House Vagrant, the rest of the loot is split evenly amongst the Ex-ACRE Khanate Admirals who divy it up evenly amongst their Captains so on and so fourth.

Leadership: the Ex-ACRE Khanate is lead by the decimal system used by the Mongols and Turkik tribes. Admirals are assigned a number of Tumen for the given mission, Tumen was recursively built from units of 10 (Aravt), 100 (Zuut) and 1,000 (Mingghan), each with a leader reporting to the next higher level. Tumens were considered a practical size, neither too small for an effective campaign nor too big for efficient transport and supply. (These numbers may be too high for this faction and will possibly be altered in the future.)

All ships are to be unconditionally loyal to each other and to their superiors, and especially to the Khan. If one ship runs from danger in battle, the other ships from the same arban must flee otherwise all 10 crews from the same arban will face the death penalty together. Adversely, if one ship charges and attscks the other 9 must do so as well. If not all 10 crew will face the death penalty.

Though harsh as it may seem, this system allows for each arban leader, and each capitain to avoid being micro managed and this chieve goals on their own terms. This not only allows the mission to be solved quicker, but also allows for the most qualified to shine.

Feel free to add more stories here or ask questions to help me flesh things out!

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