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EU shipping costs for merch

So when the new shirts came out, I ordered both and used the discount code. The shipping came to $8, with a warning that it may not cover import fees and so on.

Boy, they were not kidding. The shirts arrived today, with an extra charge of £15.62 (that’s $20.59) for import taxes. Pretty steep, but eh, I was warned.

I was mostly wondering if/when there would be a cheaper shipping option for EU and Britain from Yetee as paying a 50% or so import tax is kinda bullshit compared to Teespring which had actual EU shipping costs (for the record I got the blades shirt on the last sale for £3.22 total shipping costs).


I mean that is kinda on you for not knowing the treshold for paying import tax in your country. Quick google search tells me it’s over £15. It has nothing to do with the shipping cost, it’s the value of goods (including shipping).

Teespring had an option to include VAT in your order if you’re buying from Europe so you wouldn’t have any extra fees when the order arrives. It’s not only the VAT you paid here, it’s handling fees as well and they can really rank up. But you get no handling fees if your order already includes VAT since customs departement doesn’t need to handle it. Btw as far as I know UK was actually the only country in EU where you didn’t need to pay VAT on Teespring.

So yeah, EU people and basically anyone international will have to pay much more to get thier orders now. It’s really a shame. The best option is to get Yetee to include VAT in thier order, so you will always pay a bit more regardless, but at least it won’t be nearly as much as getting billed in your home country when the package arrives.

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Yeah, the whole tax thing was down to me. I also shouldn’t have been shocked that the handling fees made up half of that charge. Bit disappointing after how nice the Teespring store was for EU shipping/taxes and so on, but I was warned and I should have done research to see how much extra I was going to pay.

I was mostly posting as a warning to others to expect something like this.

Still, the shirts are really nice - good quality material and print, good designs - the CoS one is particularly nice - and a decent price with the discount. They totalled out to just over £25 each including all the shipping/taxes, which is about what I would pay for a good quality well designed shirt that will be fairly unique in these parts.