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[Episode 12 Q&A] Showdown in Peaceful Spring


(KidCronos) #21

No scorn from me Adam :slight_smile:. Chat can claim :adamhorse: :adamgm: all they want but Janus got himself into that mess.

(Moose2033) #22

I liked Dan's RP of a morally ambiguous Cleric, but I would have loved a Keyser Soze scene of Max holding two hand crossbows shooting Janus with one and the monk with the other, but alas no one had any hand crossbows :itmejps:

(Neibros) #23

Adam, I've gotta ask, what was the logic behind the idea of making the situation into essentially a save-or-die for the party to rescue Janus? You had to have known they would never surrender since this is a live show, and that's how the group has always functioned.

This is a hardcore campaign and the players made some less than ideal choices, I understand, but all I can say is that I respectfully disagree with ignoring the written rules for attacks on unconscious players and death saving throws, even if it fit narratively and added to the drama. [/opinion].

That said I still enjoyed the episode immensely, and I'm beyond excited for Blades!

(AdamKoebel) #24

That's how the situation played out - the monk and guard had a hostage, their lives were being threatened and that's the tool they had to help them get out and then, like almost all hostage situations, it went bad. I don't spare the consequences of the PCs actions, I suppose. It's not my job to give them shit that they can find their way out of easily.

The thing about the rules for unconscious foes and shit is that they're meant to be applied during combat. Which this wasn't - it wasn't a fight, it became one, but those rules are for attacking during a battle. This wasn't an attack, and I'd apply the same sorts of rules to the PCs. Just like how I didn't make Berg attack the door like the rules for attacking doors during combat demand, you know?

(Tb64) #25

Great show! Hard choices at their for both Janus during his solo fight and for the crew in the hostage situation.

At this rate I think we need a graveyard at the end of the show. 12 episodes and 5 kills, I'm sure Adam leveled up from killing all those PCs.

(trivialmind) #26

Was I the only one screaming at Geoff/Janus to Disengage the heck out of there? Three on one is not going to end well at low level 5th Edition D&D. Every time Adam mentioned the open door and the clear escape route I was praying Janus would take it and live.

Good entertainment as usual and Tuesdays Court of Swords is must-see TV (ask your parents) for me. :smiley:

(Neribuz) #27

So....exp? (for the town fight)

(AdamKoebel) #28

The whole town? I mean, Jesus...

(Karamor) #29

Commoners giving exp now? You're getting soft.

(BorisIgnatievich) #30

Every week I love Dan's character more and more. Trying to use their shared god against the monk to let him do whatever he fancies was brilliant.

Whole episode was great though. If Geoff hadn't developed a fixation with powershot he'd probably still be alive, but the payoff from those mistakes was intense

(Zandivya) #31

Geoff knew what he was doing. Adam even gave him a hint when Hazan said "Don't kill the guards". He could have acted as a distraction while the others looked for the bracelet for example. I think he knew his time on the show was ending anyway and this seemed like a good dramatic exit.

(Twitch: uzling) #32

Im litterly speachless, currently watching the last part of this weeks CoS. My beloved Geoff died! ohh my headchopping hero is no more oh why oh why GOD!

Adam this show is simply the best, so brutal & mindblowing good. It realy reminds me of "Game of Thrones" when it comes to no one is safe from the rolling of the dice.

To Gassy and Dan, you both realy are doing an amazing job, I love Berg so much for his low Int and Ramus for simply beeing the asshole he is.

To JP... again thx for delivering an amazing show, you are litterly a legend. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see the post show for the first time! Finaly got my ass on Patreon and the silly 2 USD im paying is the best deal I have ever gotten on any entertainment in my life.

Adam! your dicerolling skillz are simply to good! my heart bleeds for Geoff but thanks for the job your doing and for simply beeing who you are, I im lucky to have all of you ppl doing what your doing, so from me a BIG thanks!.

(banned) #33

The first adventuring group very commonly ran away, almost constantly.

(Shatterzero) #34

Dumb question which has probably been asked a million times...

Janus has 20 hp.

He took 5 damage at the start of the fight. 2:42:06 on JP's VOD.

He then took 14 damage at the end. 2:46:00 on JP's VOD.

5 + 14 = 19

Where did the other 1 damage come from?

(BorisIgnatievich) #35

he took 3 from the first dude on his own iirc

(Kol_Saresk) #36

I was at work listening to the MP3, and you have no idea how bad I was freaking out when I heard him mention the Tower because I was just like "Oh my god! Finally my knowledge of Warhammer 40K serves me in something else! Because I actually know what that card is and what it means!"

Although, if I understand the card correctly, wouldn't that make Hazan more of an omen, or harbinger, rather than an actual agent? Death is usually a hands on kind of guy when he's given a personification in most genres.

Although the body covered in tattooes and the "I am only a wotness" puts me in mind of the monks from the Sovereign Stones series. Is there any relation?

EDIT; While it's on my mind, what are some good things to read up on tarot? Everything I seem to find is uaully vague to the point of "this is a card with a picture".

(destraudo) #37

I would note it was very sporting of you to give them that chance to save him at all. By all accounts when Janus's hp hit 0 with no back up his life was forfeit. Could have as easily had them kill him on the spot for murdering their friends. Could have as easily sent him off with the manacle to that fort. Million ways the hostage situation could have played out, in the end it was up to the dice.

(AdamKoebel) #38

I have a really solid idea about how the servants of the Tower work, but I don't wanna spoil anything!

(AdamKoebel) #39

Thank you for noticing :sweat_smile:

(AngelCorp) #40

It was really awesome for them to even have a chance to save Janus at all. It's always a interesting to watch player's do things that aren't what you would do necessarily. Both parties actually could have just walked away. It also makes it more exciting though. But also Geoff was due to leave soon so rescuing him from jail or whatever might have been wierd since they're all basically convicts.

I'm REALLY curious about the magic in the area and what sort of things it points to and if we'll see more of that.