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[E45 Q&A] A Mimic Full of Mimics


(AdamKoebel) #1

lololol lol olol

that was great

(putridcheese) #2

Mimic within a mimic. Mimiception is possible after all.

(Possibly Batman) #3

That was a hell of a thing. Thanks for an awesome episode.

So @AdamKoebel how the hell did you think up a Mimic Room full of mimics? :itmejplol: Brilliant

(AdamKoebel) #4

well first i filled a room with mimics. then i thought

(phalanks) #5

Is there any where I can get the Vampire PC you've been using or are you just making it up as you go along?

(Mr_Undergr0und) #6

I'm going to have to be honest Adam. It seems like you have reached the peak but in fact you haven't. We can go even further with the mimiception. Somewhere in the world, you have to have a entire dungeon actually be a mimic. Within that dungeon is another another mimic which is a room. And finally within that room is another mimic which should be the heart of the dungeon mimic. Killing the heart mimic should have a treasure but begin to immediate destroy the big dungeon. Mimiception at its finest.

(TheGameGuy415) #7

Adam you're an evil genius. And I love it :adamwizard:

(AdamKoebel) #8

there are some wishy washy rules in the MM but i've been making up my own stuff for chi-vampire

(AdamKoebel) #9

(phalanks) #10

Any plans to release what you come up with, maybe as part of the patreon newsletter?

(sythmaster) #11

This whole thing was great! While I know "the room" will get a lot of attention here, I just wanted to say I really liked how you asked them for specifics about the illusory wall (touching vs looking felt very "classic D&D"!

It was cool to see Max and Anne get a taste of that more OSR style of dungeon crawl play!

Great Episode, and glad they were cool with still exploring the dungeon even w/ "the locked door" vibe to it.

(AdamKoebel) #12

this is a great idea, yep!

(Leomorph) #13

I'm so happy Dan finally nutted up and messed with that illusory wall, I watched the GM prep and I was dreading the player ignoring that epic encounter. It's one of the things that stings the most as a GM myself when your players run in fear of your cool shit

(Funbuns_) #14

The whole first half of the episode I had Future of the Left in my brain as:

You need Ramus more than he needs you!,
It doesn't look like a man,
It doesn't talk like a man,
But does it cast like a man,
Does it, does it cast like a man....

(Appaomega) #15

Old man from The Scarlet Banner/Silver Eagle with a decade old trade commission for the Lord of the House of the Falcon

Spring Flower in Verdant Chapel

(thyL) #16

It's really cool to hear JP is taking notes of stuff like the Scarlet Banner and the wife's name and (possible) place. Sometimes I had the feeling the three players don't care that much about lore and world and couldn't be bothered to do that. Glad I was wrong.

(VyRe40) #17

I've heard of mimic doors, mimic ladders, and mimic coins before. Fun stuff.

(TheJuice84) #18

Fantastic episode as always. But damn, I really thought we were going to get Chuckles back for a moment there. Adam, you are a cruel, cruel man. :cry:

(Madkipz) #19

Remember Ramus, you have Warding Flare :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(DansGaming) #20

Warding Flare has to be used before the dice are rolled and only once per round. On 4 attacks I can only choose one at random to have disadvantage. This makes it rather hard to know when to use it as I can only use it against one attack. When I use it it can be against the roll that misses anyway. If I can choose an attack after the dice are rolled, it'd be a much more useful and powerful ability. It's also highly effective against creatures with a single attack, but very bad against those with multiattack or multiple attacking creatures.

On top of all that I can only use it 4 times per long rest.