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[E40 Q&A] Spirit of Wolf


(profnesbitt) #43

And it makes sense narratively when you take into account a round is only 6 seconds long and a turn can be up to 6 seconds as well. So for the ease of playing the game the players take their turns in order, however narratively the characters are performing those turns at roughly the same time.

(putridcheese) #44

Hmm, haven't been updated with the SA. My SA compendium seems to be 11 pages short of the one you shared.

It's all good then.

(BardicRAGE) #45

So I have to know @AdamKoebel, where did the Cursed Werewolf guy's axe go that he used to murder one of Enoch's servants and was it magical?

I'm thinking an immortal werewolf axe murderer would have maybe had a magical weapon....especially with relation to the House of the Falcon and possible magical heirlooms?

(Typoko) #46

If the axe wouldn't really enhance my fighting as i could turn in to a monster i really wouldn't want to be carrying around a weapon that can be used to hurt me when i can't be hurt by mundane weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Paul Robinson) #47

3,000 each. Berg levelled up

(Twitch: eyearcana) #48

Dumb question do we know when the next episode is? I know he said Court of Swords wouldn't be missing any shows until August.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #50

Understood but sometimes he mentions stuff on his streams, just curious if I missed anything.

(itmeJP) #51

Max didn't tell me about his trip to the Philippines for the next two weeks until recently. I think we'll have the ability for one episode between Max getting back and Adam leaving for Japan for 90% of August.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #52

@itmeJP Damn understood. Can I get a wink wink if maybe you'll DM some D&D during that time or a third GM will start on the payroll during that time frame? :wink:

(profnesbitt) #54

Kind of off topic. Have you guys thought about any one shots set in the court of swords universe? Adam seems to have created a world perfect for quick looks into other parts of the world. Might could be a way to fill in when one or two people can't make it one week. Even if it's not used for that I think it would be interesting to see one off side episodes during big arcs.

(Paul Robinson) #55

I really like this idea!