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[E31 Q&A] Paint it Black


(tehseek3r) #21

Do you ever share the notes that you take mid -session? I'd be really curious to see what those look like

(Olf_Himself) #22

Now that @DansGaming has gotten more spell slots maybe it would be smart to give the Ioun Stone to Jubilant so he can use healing spells more freely.

(Darkvlagor) #23

Fuck yeah :adamwizard:

(banned) #24

The GMzine has examples of game notes from Swan Song, not entirely sure about any CoS GM notes though.

(banned) #25

Can't wait for Anne's arc of "Chucklequest 2017"


I also wonder if @AdamKoebel will have the burgeoning snake cult revival interact with Snidge's gnome population growth at all in the prep.

Or if it will all be about the big city.

(standingWalrus) #26

@AdamKoebel Since Morgan was dead during the wolf fight, wouldn't the XP split for that encounter be 3 ways instead of 4? #LVL5Birdman

(sinderfell) #27

Depends if absorbing some surprise attacks qualifies as contributing to the fight, I guess.

(boeiee) #28

Gotta get JP to lvl 5! :itmejplol:

(Joshkie1973) #29

Turn black or turn back?


(Twitch: eyearcana) #30

Great story arc. I love this show so much, thanks again for all the effort you put into it.

(Joulupukin) #31

Yea second this so much.

(TheDesec) #32

I hope in the TV show version there's a little itty bitty of "AC/DC - Back in Black" when Naka'na Ino emerges from the stomach bile.

(BusWindow) #33

@AdamKoebel, did you add the experience for killing the swarm of snakes? I didn't hear you mention it in your XP roundup.

(Typoko) #34

He might want to keep it down low so he doesn't have to be interpreter for the bird all the time. :wink:

(Typoko) #35

Also, JP could have 3 x lvl 3 spells before resting when he dings lvl 5 instead of only 2.

For more shenanigance it's good to remember that anyone can store the spells to it and someone else can attune it later and cast them. Misty Step could be nice for Berg to avoid obstacles. Also 3 Guiding Bolts on the stone could be pretty nice for Berg so he could have really good ranged damage. TBH, no matter who has it i would most likely have the stone loaded with Guiding Bolts anyways as it's damn crazy spell for lvl 1 and you can store up to 3 of those. :wink:

The stone has pretty much limitless possibilities and it seems to have had rather limited use up till now.