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[E31 Q&A] Grasping at Limbs


(AdamKoebel) #1

how to free a berg? use lightning?

(TwilightBorealis) #2

I kind of love how this episode was really important because JBG hit level 5, but at the same time pretty much nothing happened (since they attempted to take off the bracer and did not make progress). It was like the perfect filler episode between arcs.

(MarikBentusi) #3

Fanart reposts!

(Twitch: Yggddrasylle) #4

Hey Adam great show as usual! Just wanted to know if there will be any more info about Emperor Fei coming up ?

(AdamKoebel) #5

if the PCs go after it, absolutely!

(Liefington) #6

Cheating death to escape justice. I loved this episode.

(AdamKoebel) #7

Fan art on point this episode daaaaaaaaamn.

(Twitch: Yggddrasylle) #8

GassyMexican :eyes: :eyes:

(BanedHadis) #9

Since Jubilant Black Gale can speak now, can't he just say some phrases he will probably need and use them when he can't speak?

(Utherix) #10

They should just make the spell semi-permanent and call it a day.

(Twitch: uzling) #11

Another amazing episode. Keep em comming please, and dont skip any weeks if possible ;D I need my CoS fix BADLY.

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #12

Yeah, I honestly really dislike how one of the three main characters can't speak properly at all. I just think slowing down the game to wait for JP to find a fitting phrase that JBG has heard before isn't worth it, even if just for a minute. In my opinion it's not fun, it's not even funny most of the time and adds next to nothing because we don't even get to hear interesting backstory stuff about JBG (or have him take part in dialogue/RP with NPCs) because of this limitation. But I guess the same could be said about Berg's lack of intelligence and speech...I just wish more than 1/3 of the party had a reasonable way to speak to others, even though I LOVE Dan's RPing, it's always great.

(Utherix) #13

I don't think it's quite that bad. I just think toggling his speech on and off seems like a pointless exercise.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #14

(moongirl989) #15

i have a bad feeling relaying on Grasping Hands for such a long time... :neutral_face: anyone feels like i do? i don't like the party staying in his 'duty' for some reason

(banned) #16

I honestly kind of want them to lose all their money because of it.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #17

You know that was going to happen when Adam offered that option. We're setting ourselves up to battle Grasping Hands.

(banned) #18

No no no, I mean ALL their money.

(ProxyClouds) #19

Just finished the VOD and postshow. Really fun show, nice that they all got to lvl 5 so Anne can start at lvl 5.

So just a question to you mr @AdamKoebel this episode you gave the group a mystery or riddle as such for them to solve with the bracer. Do you plan what the solution is or could be, or just wing it as the party goes on trying to solve it or something in between? The few time I have DMed I find it hard to not help the PCs solve my riddles if they get stuck or allow a not as good solution to be the solution avoid them getting frustrated. How do you handle that?

Also, I know what I would do if I was the group. The big guy in the Stone King mines was a smith (!!!) , I think, why not go to the mines and free him and see if he can solve the bracer problem! :slight_smile: Acctually finish that part of the story of and maybe find a 4th member on the way there....