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[E23 Q&A] Take a Bao, Birdman


(AdamKoebel) #1

Hope everyone likes the new character! Lots of RP and lore today, yo!

(VyRe40) #2

Killed it. The RP was on point all the way through. Loved your characterizations of the blind man and the fortune teller, too - kind of a subtle thing, but amazing.

(UmbraSanctum) #3

Such great rp! Also I had a hunch but I thought I might ask. Do any particular races worship parts of the arcana more than others? Such as the various genasi races, or even half-orcs like Berg. Are there any that are exclusively worshiped, or at least most commonly?

(Twitch: Lethologica981) #4

It's strangely refreshing watching a 5E session with 0 combat. Really loved it!

Are Kenku going to be seen more now that JP is one?

(notNOTjack) #5

Oh it was great. Amazing episode and great roleplaying by everyone. JP was just perfect with his new character. Dan trying to decipher and understand the poor bird man and Max with the feels... so good. :itmejp10:

(GunsnBlazes) #6

LOVE the new character, can't wait for more of this show going forward. What's it like as a gm to draw the curtains on a quest and move on after its resolution? Did you have any idea that you'd be presenting the party with a story hook based on cleaning up crime in a neighborhood?

(DracoaeoN) #7

That was a very cool episode; Considering there wasn't an objective or any mission underway a lot of stuff happened! Fucking love JP's new character, I enjoy the concept of Kenku and JP is killin' it. Dan continuing to be a really consistently great D&D player and Max's feels moments with Berg today were some of the best roleplaying on the show so far!

I'm interested in seeing what happens with Hassan in the future if he finds Azure's orb in the cave...

Oh, and JP, since Fairlight is on for Dropped Frames, maybe ask him behind the scenes if he's willing & has time to maybe join the Court of Swords as a guest? :wink:

(apepi) #8

JP did Kenku pretty well, maybe the best character that has has done on The Court of Swords so far.

(Grogmonster) #9

Just curious why the players decided to buy an apartment when Dan said they were only going to stay for the week and just leave town kinda seems like a lot of wasted money there.

(itmeJP) #10

Here are the phrases I wrote down from the first episode:


  • unspeakable horrors
  • hello stranger
  • death lurks in there
  • someplace where we can unload all this stuff
  • i serve the fountain
  • Sir!
  • Be Silent!
  • this will save your divine soul
  • is it worth your life?
  • WAIT!
  • YES!
  • is there somewhere we can do for you?
  • that is evil


  • new beginning
  • anything born can die

tea shop owner

  • (orcish) sharpened jaw at door
  • grasping hands come looking for you in the dark
  • fuck your mother


  • do your people study under the tower?


  • why are you here
  • i dont know what part he plays
  • if the armor is poor, i will know
  • and they will die as well
  • he seems happy
  • perhaps we booby trap the door
  • that was not me
  • i will not become a slave for him
  • probably wise


  • you three look like the start of a joke
  • we all have masters
  • I thought I was the only angel in town

5 guard captain

  • we own this place

laugh like a child

fortune teller

  • perhaps you're getting married?
  • we take the hand we are dealt
  • this is my favorite part

(AdamKoebel) #11

JP, this is so smart and cool. I'm super impressed.

(AngelCorp) #12

Yeah they sort of created an opportunity to give themselves a lot more trouble than it's worth it seems. I also don't really understand other than "creating plot" why theyre magically expected to pay this person's debt instead of just being hassled for being the new people or offerered "protection" like the old man is. Seems kind of horseshit. Though to be fair the player's didn't exactly challenge it either (and haven't been able to be given a chance since they haven't talked to the "boss" directly).

On the other hand this group doesn't really have a direction at the moment so trying to get them into something isn't a bad thing, though intercity gang situation doesn't...I don't know. Everything else so far seems like some giant branches off of Mara influence and various evil plots; corruption in a monk fortress city just...I don't want to make a judgement on it because the rollplaying is great and Adam has certainly earned my trust in his direction but I'm not sure where this is going.

But again the group is a mishmash of people without a real purpose at the moment.

I do wish they had gotten some sort of tier system to gague how much money to give Sean and the gnomes. It's hard to guess without having an actual grasp of "power" in the area but just being able to reference how much money would go how far (ex: to build an encampment vs sending merencaries to search for more gnomes etc...) and what sort of effects that could have would have been a good discussion I think.

Also it was kind of surprising how much of a fuck dan just does not give about these people in the town beyond getting his armor (which frankly is kind of smart). Also thought the development with Hassan was very interesting, and whether he was going for the orb or something else down there.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #13

The RP this episode has been amazing. JP as Gale was :itmejp10:

(AdamKoebel) #14

It felt great! Nothing is ever really over but I do like an act break as much as the next schlub. Super excited to see what comes next.

(TheDesec) #15

I can't wait for combo phrases in multiple voices... :itmejplol::itmejpgg::itmejp10:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #16

I LOVE JPs new character, great job man, it really shows. Hassan is super interesting, when I heard he was going into that cave it really cements the whole Brass Dragon thing. Dan and Max were awesome as well.

(destraudo) #17

this is seriously fucking fantastic btw. You have taken on something so tricky here but it brings a freshness and uniqueness to everything the character does.

(AngelCorp) #18

Or the orb. Or the guardian. Or the guardian's heart.

Personally I'm cheering for brass dragon. Poor lonely vulnerable brass dragon. Which also begs the question: just how powerful and scary is Hassan that a brass dragon is something he could hunt for himself?

(Twitch: eyearcana) #19

Ah you're thinking different than me. I think Hassan IS the brass dragon. He's just using the change shape ability to polymorph into a human.

(jduats) #20

I really liked how the show has transitioned between arcs. It felt nice to have an episode without a guest so that you all had some time to breathe, introduce new characters 1 at a time, and settle into the new party's dynamic. Great storytelling all around.