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[E17 Q&A] Gorilla Panini and the Chains of Love

stranger danger, everybody!


As the show goes on, the fanarts make less and less sense out of context. Or even in context.


So can someone remind me the exact point Kung Fury became a touchstone for this show? Also, when do we get to see some laser raptors?


I swear adam you continue to hit home runs running nebula jazz. I cant wait to see how pocket takes arrua now that she knows the truth.

The exact point in time was May 22, 2015, aka. the release date of Kung Fury. You’re welcome.

Can the players counter or reword your compells when you are compelling someone if they have a date point

Before a compell gets accepted or rejected they are open for discussion, so that everyone is clear on what is compelled.

A player can also always offer another version of the compell to make it more fitting with the character and scene, but after they accept the compell there is no rules lawyering anymore.

When Adam made Rex show “mercy”, Rex couldn’t twist that into a quick “mercy killing”. It was clear what Adam meant and that compell was accepted.

Only in the extreme case of a compell making no sense you can reject a it without paying the Fate point.

What about when he compelled Aurora to go with the stranger and Eugene had two fate points could’ve Eugene used a fate point to counter or reword it. Cause I remember a similar scene when they were on alexatron and quin just got free of the simulation and was about to attack grandbot and Adam compelled him not to because he had info on what really happened to the council but rex counter or reworded it(can’t remember) to where quin still had to do it but something else happened with it

As hilarious as Pokket is and excellent at making the right joke at the right time, I think its the tragedy of Aurora’s story that I like the best. There are those long stretches of silliness and alcohol fueled laissez faire approach to most of what is happening. But at the end of the day, its those soul tearing moments of Aurora’s identity crises that really get me. A standing ovation to Pokket for her role playing acumen!


You can not counter compells! You can not reword compells!

You can just take part in the discussion before the compell gets accepted and offer a different perspective, or you can offer a different compell at the same time and maybe all agree that that one is better.

Compells are complications and if you accept the fate point you have to live with the immediate fall out.
If you don’t want to do a compell that would otherwise apply, you pay a fate point to not do it.

Now, Adam plays a bit loosely with that, which is perfectly fine, especially when none of the others have even played this system before, but rules as written, you discuss the compell and when you agree on what it is, you either take the point and live with that choice or reject it and pay a point.

If you start trying to weasel your way out of what you agreed to, the GM is free to take your points away again.

Oh good to know thanks

I’m a bit confused as to what happened to Missy. Did we end up with the conclusion: She disappeared, Eugene didn’t strangle her to death, but who knows what happened other than that? Or was Sam’s final thought on it meant to be taken seriously: She left through a side door with her purse?

Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was serious, but basically everything that is said in the show becomes cannon, in my experience.

Adam offers a compel that Aurora has hit rock bottom and will turn her life around.

Rejected, bottom is yet to be found.