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[E15 Q&A] A Dwayne Shaped Hole

praise eternal to the synthomagus


Hell of an episode yet again. The insanity continues in the best possible ways.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Minor Key)
Judy is a Punk


I knew it! Those poor rocks didn’t stand a chance… poor pebble.

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Updated Magic Rex
I tried so hard to think of a shark/magic pun but it never happened.


Will the SpaceRabbits ever return, will we ever see rex mate with one of them and join forces against the great evil in the universe? Because I’ll be damned that whistle seemed like a gift from the gods, thus leading to my question…

Will the squad be able to get their allegiance and help in their quest to conquer/save/destroy the galaxy or will they just be a part of this little episode?

I love this show, thank you.

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All I know is that when we cut to break from Qin that was all I wanted to explore, but now I can’t even remember what that shit was about. Insane all the way through!

I just imagine that the end of the episode has some ridiculously over-dramatic – for the first time in the series non-80s – baroque funeral march like “Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary” or some other over the top piece like that

This is a question I’ve had for a while: Do constant bad roles of players diminish the fun for the GM (or players themselves)? If so how much do they affect the fun? Any ways you have of getting around it?

I pictured Dust in the Wind by Kansas you know, since she was a Rockling and all, as she was dying :itmejps:

Yeah, something just crazily melodramatic like that.

First of all, this show is simply fantastic. Adam, you immediately jumping to the idea of the bunnies not being just cute bunnies was amazing, but how you gave it that twist with voice and debt… that was superb entertainment!

Would you say that there’s a possibility that Rex actually fucked up in freeing them, because their species is aggressively expanding their bunny reich and will wage war over planets and systems that might be important to the crew and the scepter and the princess? itmejpHAPPY

it’s disheartening to have a plan for something awesome you want to do and have the dice rip it away from you but fortunately, with this group, we tend to turn bad rolls into humor or something bad but fascinating happens to the story. Bad rolls are just story elements you hadn’t planned on imo.


The players also have a habit of inflicting “bad roll” like plans unto themselves too so… the waters are muddied as to what the truly bad rolls are.

Also, I request gifs of Jesse’s various reactions.

The episode is 15 it did not get changed from last time hope it cam be edited.

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Oh good call. That has been fixed. Thanks!!

Regarding the rabbit whistle and the ensuing bar fight. Did Rex having the whistle influence the difficulty of the fight? Because it seemed like things went south real quick given the goons decimating Rex in less than 3 turns, which could’ve been mainly due to some very unlucky rolls for the party. Regardless, it seemed like the goons had very some very good base rolls, +6 on some stuff. TBH I was in the working on some school stuff and I may be misremembering. Anyways, great show as always.

I was making the goons tough because I knew it needed to be a big deal fight but also yeah, I felt more assured that Rex would blow the whistle if he needed help. It worked out nicely, I think.

Adam, we’re going to need to see more world-building around the space rabbits.

I assumed the talking rabbit would be the Prince fucking with Rex as he gets more control or influence over him. Was pleasantly surprised to see the development of killer mafia rabbits.

Late to the party - just found the series and been binge watching them over the last week or two.

Surely Shark Naked should have been Megalodong :wink:

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