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[E14 Q&A] 14 Hours on Deadend

questions? admissions of love? lasers?


Adam was he really rex’s son or was he lying or was going to say something else? I gotta know


YES! I have a question! WHO WAS THAT YOUNG SHARKANOID!? I need the backstory! I have a mighty need!


I’m constantly amazed how Jesse and Sam have the same idea for a particular move or compel every time. How do the always manage to do that?!

Question: Did you already have Magmanoids written down for the episode or did you just make up “Magmanoids” on the spot because I love it.


Be honest Adam, you are totally going to mafia wedding those poor rocks aren’t you.


On the spot, my friend! MAGMANOIDS VS ROCKLORIANS 5ever


Hi Adam big fan
Just curious if that shark boi was Rex’s son
Keep up the good work love the show
Eugene is the best character


Hot damn this was a fun episode. Totally over the top and incredible as always.

Episode Soundtrack:
Rock Careless Whisper
You’ve got the Touch


get the fuck out of here


That Careless Whisper cover is PERFECT


Eugene in … the Globfather


This has been bugging me since the compel was made, and I have to ask…

If the Prince’s genetic material is merging with Rex and changing him, does that not make him the Hybrid Princess’s genetic brother?

Isn’t a relationship between the two incest at that point?

And then there’s the Prince’s consciousness also being inside Rex watching everythjing he does.

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Nebula Jazz is back! And with a vengeance, holy crap!

This episode made it all too clear that this is the Balance of Power (Darkside) group!
Best Anime Summer 2017. Dodger should name this as an honorably mention when she reviews the anime for this season : )
Poor Virgil… Will we ever find out his relationship to Rex?..
Poor Dango… May he return as half Cyborg as one of the Evil Exes.
Poor Sparky… It’s not your fault boy…

Will Rex ever find true love? Will Eugene be reunited with the group and find purpose once again? Will Qin finally reveal his final form? And what the heck is up with Aurora??!
Find out next time, on Nebula Jazz! *Insert Dragonball Z outro song"

Really happy i stayed up untill 6am, having fun live with chat adds so much more to the experience. So Thanks chat! And ofcourse the players and DM.
Not here to complain, but i just have to say kudos to Adam for keeping up with all this nonsense. Awesome job!


Another lovly episode… keep em comming ASAP :blush:

I was hoping Pokket would kick the dog into the lava as well. That would be a pretty dramatic and definitive character shift for her.

You know what would be awesome if the race of alien dango is their body doesn’t burn and his body is found by the hivemind and empress and is rebuilt to serve the hivemind and empress

The answer is don’t think about it.