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[E13 Q&A] It Takes Two to Dango


(AdamKoebel) #1

welcome back, nebula jazz!

(TheWorklessGamer) #2

Like every session this was a mad Romp, great job everybody. Are we going to get Updated aspects for the time skip?

(wizenedfool) #3

What is Dwayne The Rockman's last name and why is it Johnson?

(TheWorklessGamer) #4

Also we need a wiki for the newer shows, This, court of swords and blades

(TheWorklessGamer) #5

No pebbles name is Johnson he marries into it

(Awtum) #6

Excellent return to form y'all.

And bicorn hats off to Umbra for that amazing title. :itmejp10:

(AdamKoebel) #7

i like the additional nathan explosion. v brutal.

(Macaluso100) #8

So this is sort of in response to the patreon video, but something I feel that makes this show so compelling and what makes it so different from the other shows, beyond just the wacky shit that happens, is this idea of family that runs through the show the entire time. Like this episode, to me the most compelling thing wasn't Qin getting the scepter back, it wasn't Aurora taking her life back from Dango, it wasn't any of the bigger picture stuff in the galaxy. The most compelling thing is "will the family get back together??". You want to see Eugene and Rex and Qin and Aurora find their way back to each other and become a family again. It's kind of funny how this wacky 80s alien crazy ass rollplay show ends up feeling so heartwarming, since you have this whole thing where the four of them are a family and the worst thing that can happen isn't the scepter falling into the wrong hands, it's this family being torn apart forever.

I remember JP mentioning during Mirrorshades episode 31 how the thing that show really flexed in terms of its roleplay muscle was how it made romantic relationships, and relationships in general, a big important thing (paraphrasing, he didn't say it in that way exactly) and it wasn't something you really saw on Rollplay much at that point or in DND in life in general. I think the thing Nebula Jazz flexes in terms of its Rollplay muscle is the really strong sense of how important family is. You get a sense of how important a GROUP of adventurers or friends is in other shows, but nothing really quite matches Nebula Jazz in terms of family.

(thyL) #9

I've watched the last episode and even basically 3 days later I'll just say that Nebula Jazz might very well be the best Sci-Fi show that has ever been created for TV or the internet.