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[E12 Q&A] Starship Goopers


(AdamKoebel) #1

rexit feelings all around - thanks for watching everyone!

(CJonson234) #2

What the hell happened to Dave? You'd think that human in this universe wouldn't be just a random NPC (and he did disappear after they left sewers)

(Awtum) #3

Gold girl best girl. That is all.

(FikonSpik) #4

These episodes has me literally jumping around from excitement!

Q: I'm really qurious to see Aurora's realization that she is in fact human, with all that that means for her identity and her feelings regarding the empires in the universe.

(AdamKoebel) #5

the pc's didn't ask after him so he probably stayed on the planet?

(TomokoShimizu) #6

Gold girl is indeed best girl, but we never got a name for her!!!
Awtum's drawing is gorgeous, so glad he added the freckles back in, they're adorable.

Edit: Mind if I use that picture as my profile picture for everything now, Awtum??

So here's my question:

We now know that she is Rex's eternal love, any chance of those two being pushed back together sometime in the near future??

(NylenaD) #7

That moment when Aurora was left alone with Thuja and the princess and I'm thinking: omg I want a scene with the princess challenging Aurora's past... next minute Adam says "So Aurora the princess looks at you...." There I am squeeing, literally threw my hands in the air shouting "YESSSS!!!" lmao. Brilliant!

Side note: my flatmates now think I'm crazy....

(apepi) #8

So slime gender, is that a thing? Is the mother slime a 'female' and all the rest of them male or?

(putridcheese) #9

They have a gender only when they have to perhaps.

(thyL) #10

This show is spacefun af.

Although I still want super-smart aliens that look like rhinoceroses, their horn is part of a sensory organ and their brain. For some reason they have leopard patterns in their very short and grey fur.
And they're incredibly intelligent, possibly the most intelligent species in the universe, but they can't do too much with it, because they don't have hands to work with, only clumpy hoofs.
A philosopher colony of leopard-rhinos that will challenge Qin and Eugene in their morals and world (space?) views.

(Liefington) #11

I wrote a micro RPG about President Cox which took up all my draw time

But I had to an a quicky art (I just realized I forgot the freckles)

(Kol_Saresk) #12

Hey @AdamKoebel, can I put forth that the shadowy tentacled creature's species be called the Krakanox?

EDIT: Krakanox Siren?

(ServileLupus) #13

@AdamKoebel Is it safe to assume you won't let Jesse get away with saying he left the scepter on the ship or something? I really want it to be that he was so adamant about not giving the scepter to people they don't know but then possibly loses it to the imperium.

(misskhalesi) #14

gold princess best princess the freckles are too cute

(Decidophobia) #15

Really neat episode.

The Princess was really cool and it looks like it is going to be really fun to see the fallout from that.

It was awesome seeing how the characters have changed.

(Olf_Himself) #16

The more I think about it the more I find that Nebula Jazz reminds me more of The Hitchhiker's Guide rather than Guardians of the Galaxy.
Which is great cause I love The Hitchhiker's Guide.

(Kol_Saresk) #17

It keeps reminding of the end of Farscape when they decided "Screw it, let's make some weird shit."

Either way, awesome stuff and I think it's cool how everyone can relate to it somehow, even if it's with different things.