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[E08 Q&A] The Qinter Soldier


(Samuraiking75) #22

Inb4 Eugene's "planet" is one planet sized slime and all slimes in the galaxy are to that as the mini-Eugenes are to him :itmejplol:

This is exactly what I was thinking. Eugene's home planet is just "Mommy" not an actual planet that they could land on. But then does the planet get smaller each time it reproduces or does it have some way of regenerating the bits that it births to maintain it's planetary size? But I do love the idea of just a giant Eugene floating through space as a planet.

(mrmercer13) #23

Alternate universe M0mB0n, perhaps?

(uncecio) #25

oh my gahw, if we ever encounter the giant slime planet i hope Adam will give they m0mb0n's voice **

(Samuraiking75) #27

I really need to go watch Mirrorshades again. But I think Grandma Eugene would be more fitting though. A M0mB0n throwback could be something that comes up in Aurora's past though. Even if we've already visited Alexatron I think there's still the possibility to find out more about he past.

One of my favorite parts about Nebula Jazz is how they can intermix pretty much anything they want into the show and it works. And for old Rollplay fans having little snippets of other/former shows teased in is so much fun. So excited to see where this story continues to go.

(Kol_Saresk) #28

But the twist is that instead of letters, the slimes birthed by the planet instead have sounds, and it just throws them out into the universe, and their name is the first word they see that begins with that sound, and then their language and alphabet revolve around whatever that word was written in. So Eugene has a modern English analogue, but somewhere out there is a slime who speaks Klingon and makes little slimes based on the Klingon alphabet, and there's another slime who speaks Cheunh and makes little slimes based on the Chiss alphabet, and etc. And then they just travel back to the Great Birthing Slime to share the language they learned with all of the other slimes. Similar to how the Founders in DS9 just send their young out to gauge the moods of the solids.

So Eugene was just an "eu" until he saw the word "Eugene", and it was probably something like Eugene's Pawn Shop and Salvage, which is why he likes just junking around and trying to get rich quick.

(yourcrazyuncledave) #29

A part of me likes to believe that this universe is just a far future version of the Swan Song universe where the planet Alaxatron (sp?) is the tamed Warmind merged with Pi. Just a whole planet of nanoids trying to raise and nurture the last human, the last tie they have to the original crew that raised them.

(Macaluso100) #31

Finally caught up with this from youtube.

This episode has a fight sequence that I thought worked FAR FAR better than the previous episode's space battle. This felt top notch, and in a way reminded me of the big Mr Sicarian fight from Swan Song. It didn't feel slow, it didn't feel like a fight against the dice like the space battle did, and it had real emotional stakes with Qin and this Nega-Qin. Maybe it was also helped by the fact that both Nega-Qin and the Sorceress were just so clearly way way way more powerful than Qin, Rex and Aurora. So the insane dice rolls didn't feel unsatisfying like the space battle did. Anyway tldr, as someone who doesn't like the fighting segments on these shows, that whole fight at the end was fantastic.

Also every single scene with Eugene is amazing. I can't handle how good Dodger is at that character. The voice is perfect, the acting for him is perfect, amazing improv on her part with the character. Eugene getting separated and ending up in that village is PERFECT. It was like an actual TV show. For how utterly bonkers this show is, I don't think any other Rollplay show, not even Mirrorshades or Swan Song, have been able to so properly make a show feel like a TV show than Nebula Jazz.

(phrowdoe) #32

I cant help but imagine Eugene's planet just being a giant slime. Like how there are gas giants like Jupiter, I want Eugene's planet to be a slime globule the size of a planet.

(BusWindow) #33

@AdamKoebel, Did you just reference Shindaliens in that flashback sequence? Are you implying that Swan Song and Nebula Jazz are in the same universe just 1000 odd years apart? (and very far away from each other)

(yourcrazyuncledave) #34

I heard Shindaliens too! That would make for a very compelling tie-in via some more subtle references and throwbacks.

(Xaphere) #35

More like the past of Swan Song . The Alexatronians are the ones who created all AIs.

(Kol_Saresk) #36

Eh. Pi and the Warmind are Shindelian creations though.

(Xaphere) #37

I don't remember every detail from Swan Song, but I think it was only implied that the AIs originated from the Shindelians. That does not mean that the Shindelians build Pi and Warmind.

If you ask me there is an logo on the whole AI family.

(Kol_Saresk) #38

No, it was explicitly stated that at least Pi and the Warmind were made by the Shindelians. The other ones might not be, but those two are. Although the way the AIs refer to each other as siblings would imply a similar origin.

I can't remember the exact episode, but it had a prologue where the Warmind had originally come to Adoni way back when and the Shindelians had just finished creating Pi.

As was revealed in the Swan Song Revival, the Shindelians built the Warmind, but then realized they had missed something and missing that piece drove the Warmind insane so it started killing everything. They then made Pi to become the missing piece and tried to organize future events so it would be raised by Piani, who would inherit the eye that was also built by the Shindelians.

All three pieces coming together was the ultimate goal of the Shindelians and the result was the cliffhanger.

(AdamKoebel) #39

It makes me so happy to see fans with such a good grasp of the world we built.

(Kol_Saresk) #40

Listening to the very brief scene in which they feature in, yes, I'd argue it's an easter egg nod to the Shindelians.

I would not argue that it is the same Shindelians from Swan Song.

My argument would be that they were a branch colony that became isolated from the core species, similar to the Daxamites in DC Comics were originally Kryptonians who became a distinct offshoot.

So yes, awesome Swan Song easter egg, but I don't think it's supposed to be a "this is a successor to Swan Song" type of connection. Could be wrong.

(Kol_Saresk) #41

Actually it just hit me that since the Shindelians here were represented in the council chambers, it means they were apart of the nobility of the Slynn Empire, it's probably the other way around that the Shindelians of Sector Asgard Sigma are the branch colony while here, the easter egg is "this is the home, or home area, of the Shindelians."

(Joshkie1973) #42

Or it's just riffing on the Sceen in Eposode 1 of star wars where you see a lot of the different Spillberg and Lucas aleins from their different movies, and doesn't mean anything other than a nod to other works adam and JP have done.

(Kol_Saresk) #43

But even those aliens have in-universe explanations lol.

(BusWindow) #44

Well that's no fun at all :stuck_out_tongue: