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[e07 q&a] a reptile dysfunction


(AdamKoebel) #1

i love the sexy slither of the lady snake.

do you have questions for me and the crew? ask 'em here.

(lemonskiddo) #2

1) Adam why are you so adorable. 2) jesse how do yu have so much on the spot lore ready for your people?

(Macaluso100) #3

So this is one of those instances where I'm really glad this forum doesn't have a downvoting system like Reddit does, because I did not enjoy the first half of the episode besides a few specific parts (like Qin riding the piranha robot). I fully admit this is a problem with me and not the shows, but I do not like combat on these shows and the space chase ended up essentially being a big combat sequence. They always feel really slow to me and I don't enjoy seeing characters fail rolls over and over again, even though I understand it's part of the game. I'm in the minority about this though. And it's a pretty minor issue and it doesn't detract from the overall show. edit: And I hope this doesn't come across as rude or mean, cause I don't mean it to be. This is just a minor complaint of mine

On the other hand, the second half of the show when they finally got to Qin's planet was top top top notch. I loved every second of it, especially when you inevitably compelled Rex to be a former lover for Qin's sister. Which is what everyone was hoping was gonna happen. I love these weirdos interacting with Qin's species, because the characters ESPECIALLY Eugene, are just waaaay different. I think the backstory of Qin's planet and species is fascinating. I could watch these characters just talk to NPCs all day, Eugene especially

Oh so a question: were you trying to encourage the players to start learning aspects of enemies with the space chase? It's the one thing they haven't really done yet, but you set it up so at least one person wouldn't have anything to do besides doing that, so I was wondering if you kind of set it up that way on purpose to try and get them to do this aspect of the game more

(Boshean) #4

How much of the lore was premade versus on the spot?

(AdamKoebel) #5

genetics and cultural bias probably.

(AdamKoebel) #6

this show doesn't let me prep like, at all, so we just wing it mostly.

(AdamKoebel) #7

yeah, absolutely. space battles or chases can be dull for some folks if they don't have much to do - fate lets players make shit up and compel and do things like scope aspects on their turn, which I think is really cool.

(gingerhistorybuff) #8

How many of the Lizard men are Qin's size? You mentioned that those two they found at Blorg's place were about Qin's size, yet the other one on the planet seem smaller. I know some are suppose to be smaller, but does it not make sense if most of the male lizard men are least near the size of Qin?

Great show by the ways. Always crazy and fun.

(shodowww) #9

Since it seems that lizardfolks emotions are more or less an open book to their own kind, is it a deliberate choice to let Jesse not describe Qin's pheromones? Might it be due to giving freedom to the player, or to follow on the narative implications of Qin being different?

(AdamKoebel) #10

I think we won't ever really clear this up more specifically - it all depends on what we need in any moment.

(Twitch: Dexbonus) #11

So far my interaction with other species is "oh my you're so....fascinating!"

(dager000) #12

Hey there. So, I tried running my own FATE:Accelerated game for a couple sessions, but the PCs only cared about fighting. Is there a way to engage in a more story based game (or at least find a way to incorporate it)? My PCs never question anything and just let whatever I say fly, so it ended up being quite a letdown for me and the one other player in the group interested in the "setting the scene" thing that players can do.

(dager000) #13

Also, no one ever seems interested in compelling each other because (I think) they just see it as a way to fuck stuff up and I don't think they can see its other possibilities.

(evilwelshman) #14

If they're new and still learning the system, you can follow Adam's approach by actively helping them by suggesting/reminding them that they can use compels - and giving a quick/brief example, initially - as well as remind them that anyone can spend the fate points in order to push the compel. Just be careful to make sure it's their choice and that you're not being pushy about it.

(evilwelshman) #15

And everyone's interaction with poor Eugene is "Who left this big ol' loogie on the floor?". Unless they're Qin; in which case it's more like "Here buddy, let me help you spend all this expensium".

Needless to say Eugene probably much prefers the former. :smiley:

(Olf_Himself) #16

Question! Could the party have skipped the whole space battle if Eugene had used his stunt to escape anything?

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #17


Call them venomsacks if you like :wink:

Prophecy foretold that the Blixnort grows in size every time he does something heroic. I mean a couple episodes ago Qin was like 8 feet tall, today it was mentioned he was like 9 feet tall.... I say that's proof Qin IS the Blixnort.
I say riding that Pirahna robot, saving the crew counts as heroic.

Sorry, headcanon just doing its thing.

(MrMustacho) #18

1 am 1 AM godammit 1 AM should still count as sunday and now i've missed it (the ability to choose a timezone on this site is otherwise a great feature)

(mrmercer13) #19

Point 1: I absolutely adore how much mysticism surrounds the spacejacker culture. Whether it's from the tales of Jacker Hackers or the legendary Jack himself, I love how superstitious the group appears to be.

Point 2: When I hear about the lizard people's emotions I remember a line from Wolfenstein: The New Order. "Such raw sorrow. Can't partake. Mine would flood oceans. It would drown me if I let it out. " I don't have anything deep or poignant to add to that, but it's a nice reminder.

(FikonSpik) #20

Qin riding a robot piranha motorcycle into space was some real Brumpo Tungus shit! This is the best and I love you all!