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Dwarfs [Spoilers]

(leacim88) #1

Hi there!
Now that we are getting closer to dwarfs i thought it could be fun to remind us of what we know about them in the world so far.

I have a loose memory of that Dan sometime in the beginning of Court of swords while playing Baern stated that dwarfs are polygamists living in like hive communities with one queen and a lot of men. Do you know if this is true and in what episode?

I have now rewatched the first 3 episodes and not found it yet. So far the only fact i have been reminded of is that there are hill dwarfs and mountain dwarfs. Hilldwarfs are much like humans and live together with humans in citys.

If you know more facts feal free to add to the knowladge

@AdamKoebel this might be a good thread for you to get reminded :wink:

(Olf_Himself) #2

From the latest few episodes the Dwarfs remind me a lot of how they are portrayed in Discworld.
Especially how you cannot tell men and women apart at their outward appearance.
What’s kind of cool in Discworld is that they themselves cannot either and that being male or female is deeply personal information only shared among one’s closest loved ones.

(TwilightBorealis) #3

Getting precise information would take a deeper dive than I have time for right now, but dwarves were prominently mentioned a few times in the story. First, with Baern as you mentioned, then I believe the next time was when Berg first came into play (~11). Ken also played a dwarf in the primordial arc, and Berg killed a dwarf with the Apology (Tulpa possessed version, but pre-conduit). This is how Berg learns dwarven, by absorbing a dwarf soul (54). Berg interacts with a dwarf when he is looking for a shield/armor after Utrix’s domain (64).

The things I remember about dwarves off the top of my head is that they can be obsessive (similar to in Burning Wheel), that humans categorize them as hill and mountain, they enslaved the orcs due to their counter positions in the primordial wars, and that they have both their own religion and human religion. More recently, Adam has said that their language tells about the gender and social position, like in Japanese, and their culture is based on ancient Mesopotamia.

(leacim88) #4

Oh I hade forgoten about the absorbed soul! Thank you for reminding me.

(leacim88) #5

At week 11 part 3 we see a group of mountain dwarfs and learn that they puts great value in their personal space.

(leacim88) #6

In week 13, 174min in to the mp3 Berg goes down and remember an old Dwarf woman telling a story about a figure from the shadows of the depths, a demon who drags your soul to the pit beneath the earth.

(TwilightBorealis) #7

This is probably a hint from Adam that the Mara come from the other side of The World.