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Dryad Forest (Map)


(Elyoslayer) #1

You suddenly venture into a thick forest, as you go forward a huge log appears out of nowhere and you lay semi-conscious on the floor waiting for your inescapable demise in the hands of the wild animals that inhabit the forest, suddently a slim figure approaches you as your vision goes dark. You wake up inside an hut unaware to where that might be, after a short period of time a half naked female figure with greenish skin and camouflage enters the hut and you are taken by surprise, only then you realise that you had trespassed into a Dryad forest but you were lucky enough to be spared by its inhabitants instead of being killed on-sight. Dryad Forest, a place full of wild animals, rare plants and traps, even the most experienced trackers and rangers can't venture in it without the help of a Dryad, those who are respectful to the nature and have befriended the Dryads have nothing to fear, but the ones with vile purposes, lustful dreams or even just a suspicious appearence can't even hope to lay a step on its pure grounds without being faced with grave danger.
Here is a preview of how it looks like:
And here is the map, mostly inspired by the Witcher, Brokilon Forest:

(Darkvlagor) #2

Dunno where to respond, next time try to make a single post :itmejplol:

Hexographer is a great tool, I really like it. I used it for a sandbox West Marches campaign.
The thing that bother me tho, is that huge map can feel empty if it has just a few geographical spots and lots of symbols.
So I tend to use it as a general map with as little details as possible. Where each spots has a theme.

Personnaly, I will gladly take the forest in the middle. But the swamp around is kinda overwhelming. The first thing that I thought about was "How would I make the swamp area interesting and not repetitive ?" :thinking:

Because when I do a quick North/South East/West, everything around the forest seems to be the same.
As a GM my first reflexe would be :

  • Define places inside the forest
  • Create encounter tables
  • Place important places
  • Fill up the empty spaces with something

Which would give me lots of empty space to force myself to fill up with something interesting.
A restrained area with lot of stuff in it will help me place questlines and npcs, but the spaces around will either tend to be ignored or will give me a lot of work to fill up.

Personnaly I would either reduce the spaces between the biomes, or delete some of the symboles and place other places of interest along the rivers as guidlines.

Hope it was constructive enough haha sorry for the long post !

(Elyoslayer) #3

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
I am still kinda new to the Map Designing/ Dungeon Designing, so i still have a long way.
But the forest, along with the Cursed Swamp i envisioned them to be more of Open spaces and general areas as they could be seen in a "Movie" or a "Game", so i can keep the Template theme there, its basically maps that can be adapted to a new campaign or an already existing one, basically you take that huge space of a map as a GM and then you can put in your own encouters that fit your Story and your Levels. I will improve the next ones i make, but i still want to create something that literally anyone can use in any campaign/story that fits without being limited. Although as you said, in future maps i might delete the Symbols and just keep it more plain so the GM can build his own encounters in anyway that he likes.
P.S. Feel free you check out the Dungeons that i created too. (They are mostly themed dungeons with a lot of hidden interactions, most of them might never trigger but its fun for them to be there i think :P).