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Druid Spells

(profnesbitt) #1

Max mentioned in the patreon that he was still working on figuring out what spells are best to have prepared on what occasions so I thought I would list some of the “better” Druid spells here given their team comp.

First off Cantrips. At this level Shadrick has 4. Not these can’t be changed out once they are locked in you can’t change them. There are a lot of good options but below are my top 4 and some honorable mentions.
-Guidance (Ramus has shown how good this is)
-Thorn Whip (I love forcing movement especially pulling someone through spike growth or into moonbeams)
-Druidcraft (RP Spell. Fun Druids Thaumaturgy)
-Primal Savagery (melee spell but a d10 and acid is a great damage type)

Honorable Mention
-Produce Flame (Ranged D8)
-Resistance (Guidance but for Saving Throws)

Cantrips that look good but are traps
-Shillelagh (Very strong almost required if you start playing at level 1 but doesn’t scale later on like all other Cantrips)
-Magic Stone (Ranged Shillelagh) these aren’t awful at their level and definitely fun to RP and describe but they do fall off especially if they hit level 11.
-Poison Spray (Seems really strong but it’s short range and that it targets Con saves which monsters are really good at plus poison is resisted a lot)

Spells. Druids prepare a number of spells equal to their level plus wisdom modifier. So Shadrick has 13. Plus his land spells are always prepared.

Level 1
-Absorb Elements (defensive and actually something for a Druid to use their reaction on)
-Detect Magic (Concentration. Ritual. Always good for someone in the party to have it.)
-Faerie Fire (Concentration)
-Healing Word (Bonus action Heal)
-Ice Knife (Attack spell that isn’t concentration)

Level 2
-Healing Spirit (Concentration. Bonus action. Best out of combat healing spell in the game. Very good in combat to heal someone for a d6 every round.)
-Heat Metal (Concentration.)
-Lesser Restoration
-Moonbeam (Concentration.)

Level 3
-Call Lightning (Concentration. Very strong. Only works outside)
-Dispel Magic (Very strong when needed)

Level 4
-Polymorph (Concentration)
-Ice Storm (Non Concentration Damage)

These would probably be my base spells I would keep prepared when I didn’t need something situational.

Honorable Mention / Situational Spells
-Speak with Animals
-Thunderwave (Damage without Concentration)
-Flaming Sphere (Concentration)
-Hold Person (Auto Crit in melee)
-Conjure Animals (Concentration)
-Flame Arrows (Concentration. Makes Yoji better probably not worth it though)
-Plant Growth (Great escape spell in grassy areas. Especially if Yoji and Shadricks Land Stride ability lets them run through it)
-Conjure Woodland Beings (Concentration)
-Conjure Minor Elementals (Concentration)
-Guardian of Nature (Concentration. Bonus action. Probably not worth it as a Land Druid but makes his beast shapes actually usable in combat especially the
deinonychus. Can Dps if you can survive the transformation/casting turn)

Let me know of any really good ones I might have missed. This is all subjective but imo gives a good spread of damage, Non concentration, and utility.

(putridcheese) #2
  • Flaming Sphere does more DPR in tandem with cantrips.
  • Goodberry. Easy hp, stabilization, nourishment.
  • Warding Wind. Personal favorite.
  • Spike Growth is also good in favorable situations.
  • Conjure Animals, once you get Giant Owls is a massive DPR spike, and the owls have flyby making them relatively immune to melee.
  • Tidal Wave. Druid’s fireball.
  • Conjure Woodland Beings is possibly breakable by summoning Pixies.
  • Watery Sphere. Great for suffocation.
  • Wall of Fire.