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Download of the MP3 of the latest Masks One-shot not working

Not sure if this would be the proper way to address this, but it seems like the MP3 file of Masks Episode 2 available to patreons is corrupt or something as it does not seem to be possible to download it. Tried to do it several times today on different computers so I’m fairly certain it’s not just me.

Yeah, it seems the file linked is just “MasksOneShot_Week 2”, not “MasksOneShot_Week 2.mp3”, which seems to not exist if you enter that into it. Guess we’ll have to wait for that to be fixed to get the MP3 version.

@admins @Schmittrigger @Liorean is this still broken?

just checked and it works for me.
Edit: oh I can listen to it on the site but the download is not working for me yet.
Edit2: Download works with Free Download manager. Must of been the chrome download extension I use that was interfering with the link before.

You should also be able to right click and ‘save link as’. Then, if needed, add the .mp3 to the file name. This worked for me.

Trying to download the file it still gets the “MasksOneShot_Week 2.mp3” file name for me, but the contents is this:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
<Key>MP3s/Masks One Shot/MasksOneShot_Week 2.mp3</Key>

Well, I’ve been trying it every once in a while, and gotten the same type of result. But right now I actually got the MP3 file!