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Dice 🎲

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good website to buy dice from, Europe / Scandinavian company or that ship internationally at not too high of cost!? Thank you!

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Check out Die Hard Dice, apparently they have discounted international shipping.
Otherwise I’d just use Amazon UK.

If you want some cheap dice, go for those X times 7 sets on Amazon (they contain a D4, D6, D8, D10, D10%, D12 and D20 per color) and look for as many transprarent colors in the package as possible! “Imperfections” like air bubbles inside the material unbalance a die, but are easily visible in transparent ones and often get tossed!

(Same product on,.fr,.it and .es!)

This is a pretty good example on Amazon Germany. 10.99€ for 49 dice? Must be shit! Might be, but this set has only 2 opaque colors. I’ve bought similar sets twice (35 and 42), and only one transparent die was Crappy McCrapface (had a huge bubble). All other transparent dice were fine. I’ve tested them all for balance¹, only the one transparent die with the visible bubble was unbalanced, about 15% of my opaque dice were, too.

Both of my packages came with little velvet bags for each color and a large bag for all dice. Even if low quality, they make for a pretty cool little gift!

PSA: “Pound 'o dice” from Chessex - Don’t buy!

A friend of mine bought one of those. There’s 1 guaranteed full set of 7 dice and the rest is random. He got only two D8 in total. And he got a lot of “pretty” dice, however nearly all are opaque. Half of his opaque dice are unbalanced.

¹ = Warm water, saturate with salt. Die floats, tip and see what number moves to top, if the same number is on top all the time => die is unbalanced

I don’t know if this will help you, but I post it anyway.

This shop from Germany offers over 2k different dice. Back when I had real people to play with, I ordered there multiple times, with no issues. Of course, I live in Germany and this online shop seems to have no multi-lingual options, but they ship almost everywhere.