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DFE3 Megathread + The DF Bingo!


DFE3 Coverage

Useful links: The E3 Countdown site

Reminder: As the image above states the DFE3 coverage starts 20 minutes before the press conference starts for the pre-show.

Convenient link to the twitch collection where all the DFE3 vods will be…collected :stuck_out_tongue:

DFE3 Bingo

Bingo link:

Time for some or possibly some

Make sure to join the conversation on twitter with #DFE3

Please read this twitter thread by JP about the status of the Dropped Frames E3 youtube vods

JP explaining this in a twitch clip


Can’t wait for E3, and the cast for these shows is :itmejp10:

For anyone who knew about my KOTOR 3 square in last year’s bingo I have gone with the more reasonable ( still I don’t know if it will happen) “A story based Star Wars game” :pray:


Looking forward to the shows! Bingo also seems great:D

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