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:\\decrypting date confirmed

(PalimpsestPulp) #71

There's still an old show. Words.

(Zugor96) #72

Such a good tease ya beautiful bastard

(banned) #73

Hmm...Rollplay Oneshot Swan Song Stories set after universe reset or when they originally found Pi and put him on the Pizza Party.

(Luzianos) #74

it could be a weekly show of eating pizza for 4h :adamwizard:

jokes aside I'm really excited for a new show but I'm wondering if there will be actually 2 new shows: One that builds on the old Swan Song show and one with Crendor as DM. That or it's gonna be both in one show...

Anyway we will know Soon™

(banned) #75

I don't think so...Rollplay right now seems to only want to support (Patreon goals being what they are) two ongoing so maybe more than one show if they are short (one shots).

(banned) #76

Can we get a chronos countdown thing for it?

(VyRe40) #77

Actually, it's supposed to be 3 ongoing shows since we hit that goal a while ago - they've just been busy with other content and getting the 3rd show ready.

Crendor is definitely gonna be a one-shot DM, though, considering that it was mentioned a couple months back... and maybe a guest on CoS.

(XieXion) #78

Those are hex codes representing different letters. Converting it to ASCII gives us "nyxqtsjqdtzynsxufhj"
When shifting the string into a Caesar cipher and shift by 5, we get "ITSLONELYOUTINSPACE"

Based on that, we are getting some sort of space show, maybe Swan Song again.

(banned) #79

Swan Song revival is the next Live Show in February for the 4 year anniversary of Rollplay with JP, Geoff, Wheat, and Matt Mercer as players and Adam as GM.

(XieXion) #80

Oh, guess i missed that, thanks for letting me know!