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Daylight Savings and Schedule


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Did you mean BST? Because in CEST it has started at 3AM and now starts at 2AM.

Edit: The schedule seems to account for daylight savings so it is correct.

When we change between summer and standard time, the name of the time zone also changes, from CEST (central european summer time) to CET (central european time). Other timezones also adds in an S when in summer time, something to keep in mind.

Would love to hear more bug reports on daylight saving times. I told the developer that they would probably pop-up today so we’re ready. So far I’m seeing conflicting reports so I’ll keep an eye on this topic.

I just checked the entries for Blades and cancelled/CoS and the conversion looks correct to me. 4 EDT translates to 10 CEST translates to 9 CET [PM each] and 9 EDT [PM] to 3 CEST [AM] to 2 CET [AM]. The one thing I’m not entirely happy with is the naming in the dropdown menu (though that’s only a matter when NA is in DST while Europe isn’t)

What would be better namings?

For one, some sort of a consistency would be great. The new ones (Moscow, Tokyo, etc.) are fine to me (might add a second city of that timezone, but that’s just a sidethought), but maybe change the others to that format as well (e.g. Eastern to “Toronto / New York” or Central European to “Paris / Berlin”) and trusting in people to know general (more or less local) geography and knowing about their timezone.

Using timezones as denominator confuses during DST, which is also what @crowly_ was talking about, I think.

DST is evil and it needs to be removed.

Thank you for your extremely helpful comment.