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Daily Stream Update 2017

(itmeJP) #1

Sooooooo I haven't really streamed since the beginning of December apart from the two live shows, RollPlay, and Dropped Frames. A ton of travel really added up and I realized about halfway through I wouldn't stream again till January.

I want to get my thoughts out there so you guys have an idea of where I'm at right now.

I think towards the end of 2016 I lost interest in Overwatch (or, really, I was tired of being upset all the time from the game) and nothing else grabbed my interest. I can't play a game I don't like and I know you guys as an audience will know immediately if I am doing just that. To be blunt and more to the point, I got pretty burnt out from streaming this past year.

One thing I really want to do in 2017, at least at the start, is to try and maximize consistency/normalcy with the stream but minimize the chance of burning out. I think the best way to do this is figure out a normal start time, one in my current sleep schedule (not something fucking crazy like the start of 2016, that was dumb), and see how that goes.

I'm thinking around 5PM Eastern for 2-3 hours on most days. Days where there are RollPlay episode's I probably won't stream afterwards. Something I'm still up in the air on.

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say I suppose. Thanks to those who supported me throughout December even though the content wasn't the same as previous months. And for those that dipped out, hope to see you guys again in the future.

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #2

You seemed to like Siege quite a bit with Anne. See about playing with her most days.

Stay the fuck away from Overwatch.

(Laura) #3

It's a shame I probably won't be able to watch any streams for the forseeable future then, seeing as that's around 11PM over here. I'll just keep being subbed and watch the vods and highlights on YouTube (which, by the way, make my day every time).

If you figure out a schedule or something that works for you, I'm sure the rest of us will keep on watching you.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

Wish you all the best for 2017 JP.
Also I hope you have some later streams than those for my sleep schedule :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though whatever works best for you. I would not want you to burn out since I really enjoy watching your streams.

(anaconda156) #5

As I'm one of those EU people who most of the time cannot watch live I have to admit that I never watch a VOD of your stream when it's not Dropped Frames or Rollplay.
I'm not into watching streamers play RPG but I have to say that the only streams VOD I watched was when you were playing multi player games like siege and CS GO with your friends doing silly voices (with incontrol and ryan in csgo). I have the feeling that this is where you seem you have the most fun so I would suggest trying to do that more often.

You also, as far as I know, almost never tried those strange games zeek is playing and that might be some fun experiments for you to do in order not to go back into the OW rage inducing streams.

(AcidSkass) #6

Hopefully 2017 will treat you better streaming wise JP and please take care of your mental health.
Your streams (both variety and RollPlay) bring great joy and laughter to me and many more.

(WhyAmISuchABeautifulPanda) #7

I attempted streaming regularly multiple times, but got burned out every time. Now I have a good set schedule where I don't work around others, it has just me in mind.
I think you'll benefit hugely from that, also stay away from the salt mine called overwatch!

(thecalmviking) #8

I think its great that you are reflective about where you are and how the streaming effects you. It makes sense that you want to find a "sweet spot" for streaming since you also got Rollplay and Dropped frames to manage. I thought you guys did a magnificent job at the live shows. Great time to start the shows for the international audiance(I live in Sweden) and just great shows in general.

The only thing that saddens me is what has already been said in this thread, since you will start att 5PM eastern most EU peeps will be half asleep or about to be. To me this does not matter since im subbing and can watch streams at my own leisure time but I believe the viewers who doesnt have the option or can't afford to sub will miss out.

I don't want you to change times completely since that might effect you in the ways you have already mentioned in the OP. What I would suggest is to maybe have one day where you start one-two hours earlier and still go for 2-3 hours, that way your EU/international viewers might be able to be apart of the live experiance :slight_smile:

Just my two cents on the whole thang, Im confident that everything will work out and I don't think im alone in saying that i can't wait to see how the stream is going to evolve in 2017 :slight_smile:

(TGGabller) #9

While I do enjoy things like Dark Souls-athon or the 24 hour streams, I'm totally fine with a stream here and there. As someone who tries to stream every day, I can understand the burn out, and while I can only speak for myself here, I'd be willing to bet there are others like me who sub for who you are and not what you play. So keep on keepin' on man.

(nicklendime) #10

I'm just kind of glad you've finally put something out there. I have to admit that found myself watching less & less probably because the general feel of the overwatch streams. Tack that on with the lack of normal content, its been tough. I'll always support the stream and lets hope for a great new year.

(InToTheWannaB) #11

You should not feel bad for taking some time away. This is your job and even if you love it. EVERYONE needs some time away from work. Many good jobs come with 4 weeks vacation. So taking December off is not that big of a deal as i'm sure it feels to you.

(Zylzor) #12

I think having a schedule is important for a streamer and the viewers alike so nice to see there will be an attempt to have one even though I'm EU and it's really late for me I still approve it.

Ever thought about bringing back the cam for normal streams in 2017? I miss when you used to play around with that zooming in on the face, seeing the reactions to when bullshit stuff happens like when you drove over Ryan in Arma BR, shit was fucking hilarious you just losing it and it's just not the same anymore without it to some extent depending on the games being played but hey that's just me.

(Tanaros) #13

I already miss most of the streams because of work and life but try to be around when I can and catch the vods when I don't. I've always enjoyed the content whether it be gaming or shows. Just do what works best for you and your life JP and we (your fans) will always be there to support what you do. Thanks for all the work you do.

(SuspiciousTaste) #14

2-3 hours a day? Did I read this wrong or are you only going to stream 2-3 hours a day? You have to do what's best for you but that's not a lot of streaming. Do you feel your stream will suffer it?

(Unfortunatename) #15

if you add in the three 4 hour shows thats about 30 hours a week (2.5*7 + 3*4)

Even if that number could go higher or lower think about the time that goes towards the patreon (more than just the videos), there is a possible extra show too. It add up fast and running a 5+ hour stream on top doesn't seem sustainable.

(SuspiciousTaste) #16

He says on show days he leans towards not streaming after, so it would be more like 22 hours if he goes down that path (2.5*4 + 3*4). Running a business requires you to put in a lot of work. I wonder if he's thought about looking into getting help to manage things so he can devote more time to actually being a streamer and not having the stress of streaming and making sure all the shows and Patreon stuff is being handled or if that's not a viable option at this time. I will continue to support him as a sub and Patreon supporter because I like the content he makes (both Rollplay and his Variety streams). I just worry that he's shooting himself in the foot and will lose a lot of subs and viewers due to the sudden decrease in content. Hopefully he makes a video (like an end of the year review/looking towards the new year style video) that can better explain his thoughts and theirs just something i'm not understanding correctly.

(KVahlman) #17

I freely admit I don't watch much your regular streams (for varied reasons timezones being a big one), but RollPlay and Dropped Frames have kept me entertained for endless hours.

40 hours or so of that content was plenty enough for December from my POV for the cost of subbing. There's no need to feel that you should have done more for my sub.

That said, I think regular hours are definitely a good idea. It helps people catch the stream and gives you structure to your work.

(LlamaFist) #18

I feel the same about Overwatch... I loved the game so much the first two seasons, but season 3 just isn't much fun with the current meta. I can play it with someone else that is fun to be around, but that is more about the company than the game.

I think I have been subbed to this channel longer than I have had a subscription to anything else in my life at this point. Kinda crazy to think about it that way, but I don't see that changing any time soon either. One love baby.

(Mardymarve) #19

If i can offer a suggestion, I would love to see more streams like the Doom playthrough. A game that you want to play, and can just blast through. Was a lot of fun to watch and it seemed very much like you were having a lot of fun playing it. I know you aren't really open to suggestions on what you play , but maybe you could consider having a list of suggested games that you pick from, say one stream a week, just to keep things fresh. Or you could tell me to go fuck myself, either is fine.

If you are going to keep streaming Overwatch, I would probably limit it to once a week to help prevent burnout on it. It is kinda fun to see you salty, but it can't be good for you to keep at it as long as you have.

I'm more than happy to keep paying a sub, your rollplay content is generally on too late for me to watch live, and being able to watch the whole thing the next day is much more convenient than waiting for youtube. I also find myself watching VoDs of your game streams from time to time, but that's just an added bonus. On the whole, I have never felt that my $5 a month is too much for the content you put out. Quality > quantity after all.

(notNOTjack) #20

Yup, I follow the general consensus here. Better to have a more defined schedule and dial back on the burn out, specially when a good part of it comes from the anger and frustration a game generates. Also, and this approach seems to be shared by a few others, I will always keep subbing and coming back for Rollplay and the variety streams for me are simply an added bonus.

Still, regardless of not being the main reason I watch the channel, I’ve watched a lot of hours of your variety streams and they are generally great, funny and entertaining (and of course, almost goes without saying, it’s like that for almost anything in life, the streams with your friends are hilarious and high points for sure, as it was mentioned before) and I actually found myself thinking at some point during this last month “man, JP hasn’t streamed anything but Rollplay or DF for a while” which goes to show that even people like us relish that bonus content.

All in all it seems perfect for me, you feel better, Rollplay keeps going and getting bigger and better, DF too, and we still get that great bonus, a more streamlined, less consuming variety stream that might even amount to more days of content in the long run.