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D&D over discord


(saberthedarklord) #1

Hey so I saw a few other people do this, so I thought, why the hell not try it? I either wanna play or DM a game of d&d, or maybe some other table top rpg. If we were to play d&d I'd prefer 5th Edition of 2nd Edition. Any ages, any experience, my timezone is Pacific Time. Add me on discord


(Utherix) #2

Some good resources that have worked for me 100% of the time:

(Diimiitrii31) #3

Hey, I couldn't find you on discord. We do have an active 5e West Marches community and we are always open to new players and even better new DM's. If you are interested just look at this or contact me on discord Diimiitrii#9305

(ProxyClouds) #4

Hey, tried to add you but no luck. Are you still looking for ppl?