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D&D Berserk type class


(Shadow999911) #1

Hi adam and or anyone got an idea for a d&d character it would be a berserk type class with a hex or curse blind fold where the stats would be 20 in str, dex and con but have 1 in cha, int and wis but with the blind fold off you go in to a blind rage that does not end till the blind fold is back on but with the blind fold it would gives you 20 in cha, int and wis but make you have 1 in str,dex and con but to take off the blind fold you have to roll a nat 20 but also have a debuff of -2 on str, dex and con . thank you and have a nice day

(TheDesec) #2

So you want a character that switches relatively freely between:

STR 20
DEX 20
CON 20
<- ON
OFF ->
INT 20
WIS 20
CHA 20

Relatively, because the free switch seems one-sided (take the thing off). Why would the blind raging berserker put the thing on on their own? 1 or 2 INT is animal-like intelligence. The human-like intelligence starts at 3 and even then it’s barely worth mentioning. They would not know to put anything on in order to get rid of their rage. Switching back to the tame state (putting the thing on) means someone would have to defeat/subdue the character.

How would your health react? Do you suddenly gain or lose a bunch of hitpoints?

If it’s a blind rage, you’d have to play true to the character and once the thing is off, aka. rage on, you’d have to roll a direction and attack whatever PC or NPC is closest to that direction without hesitation and mercy. If you’re in a group, that gameplay will get old and not fun for your friends very soon. Very likely they die whenever you go rage mode.

If you don’t do something like that, it’s not a blind rage but an OP character.

Let’s focus on intelligence. The mask is on, the character has 20 int. If 1 int equals an IQ of 10, he’s a 200 now. Someone who is that smart and has equivalent high wisdom and charisma would be very unlikely to ever remove the mask in the first place, since they know what would happen to their friends, people around them and ultimately themselve. They don’t want to turn into a beast that can only be subdued near death, or do they?

It feels like you want an OP character with max stats, but feel bad about it and give him a flip switch between the ultimate warrior and the smartest wizardly entity of all planes.

The stat-swing is just too much, and the return policy/condition should be reworked.

Also please use punctuation, it is not very pleasant to read sentences that are mushed together.

(Shadow999911) #3

sorry i left a part out he can not use magic/anything with the blind fold on.
the character can not by him self remove the blind fold it’s make’s your str,con and dex all to 1 but also on any str,con and dex roll you have a -10 on them and your blind on top of it and you cant use any magic or anything like that.
but when someone comes off easy like a str check of 10 or your self you have to get a nat 20 to take it off but when you do you have 1 in cha, int and wis and you have a -10 on all cha,int and wis rolls and someone can stop him with a animal handling roll of 15 and point the way.
but thanks for the feed back

(profnesbitt) #4

I don’t see the animal Handling working on him. Look at all the beast stat blocks. While they have very low int, they usually have 6+ Wisdom that’s what let’s them calmed down or recognize friends or people who will help them. Your character doesn’t have wisdom or int or cha, nothing is calming them down but knocking them unconscious. In general it’s not a good idea to make a character that forces all the other players to play around them. First time he went blind berserk I would just hide from him with the rest of the team and let him wander off to be someone else’s problem. On that note being blind has its own set of rules in 5e so even with all your maxed int stats you will be rolling with disadvantage a lot and a good chance you will just die with the blindfold on since all attacks against you have advantage while blind.

(Shadow999911) #5

i know he get’s a disadvantage when he is blind that’s the whole point to make it balanced and so it the you choice to help or not and the other player can use spells on him like dissonant Whispers or sleep you can also paralyzed. he can also use other hex or cursed item like and he does not start off with just blind rage the blind fold is like the one ring except it slowly brakes the uses mind and soul so each time you use it the more the rage becomes blind how many times it’s up to the gm. and thanks you for the feed back.