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Creating characters - High concepts/trouble

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #1

Hey guys, i am curious. If you could play a game of Fate accelerated in the Nebula Jazz universe. What would your character be like? What would be your high concept, your trouble? Your stunts? I would love to know.

Personally, this would be my character:
Name: Jake
High concept: Kindest Gassassin in the Universe
Gassassin as he is a sentient gascloud, and he is an assassin.
The kindest part is also his trouble, he is way too gullible, and apart from killing people he is the kindest guy you will ever meet. Annoyingly nice even. (think of the spaceship from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy sort of nice.)
Killing just has a different meaning to him as it does to others, he is doing a kindness by killing.

He would speak through telepathy and handle items through telekinesis. And attack by frying the brain.
He would show emotion by pretty much being a flying emoticon, changing its shape to whatever emotion comes up.

Stunt would be something like being able to dissipate once a session, to basically escape a situation. Haven't thought these through yet. would love to hear about yours :slight_smile:

Jeroen / Jere