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Court of the Khan: Play by post - looking for players


I’m looking to run a play-by-post game themed around being Council Members of a rising Khanate.

To do this I’m using a blend of house-ruled Reigns Company rules and Microscopes scene rules.

This might be very ambitious but I hope to turn this into an online megagame with multiple courts.

Everything I’ve got to mention is on the Roll20 Game Listing linked above but I’ll post what kind of player I’m looking for here:

Applying, Please Apply on Roll20.

I will expect players to be available for at least 2 scenes per week, the main one will be the Royal Council Meeting where you will be told problems that the Khanate is facing and can discuss where resources are going to be allocated. Then during the week roleplay out the consequences of those actions.

Months (in game turns) will last no longer than a week.

Sometimes life gets in the way, let me know your situation as soon as you can, if you are unreachable know that your character may turn into a temporary NPC for important scenes and likewise you will be able to use NPCs during scenes your council characters are not in.

I’m looking for dependable people who can take the initiative and come up with interesting scenes/debates to roleplay in and be interested in taking part in fictional debates.