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Court of Swords - XP update


(Zhairin) #1

This post is primarily directed @AdamKoebel & Gassymexican but might still be interesting to others:
After having Dan suddenly overtake Max in xp the last couple of weeks I took the time to go through all sessions since Week 11 (Berg's first appearance) and find out why that is.

Below follows my findings and some comments:

Before research: Berg 6290/6500 XP
After research: Berg 6502/6500 xp

Week 11: 0xp - 95xp

Week 12: 95xp - 158xp

Week 13: 158xp - 442xp

Week 14: 442xp - 626xp

Week 15: 626xp

Week 16 (Liveshow): 626xp - 1095xp

Week 17: 1095xp - 1675xp

Week 18: Volnach

Week 19: Volnach

Week 20: Berg: 1675xp - 1842xp(+40 Giant Spider/5 Characters); Volnach: 1834xp (+40)

Week 21: Berg: 1842xp - 2125(+40); Volnach: 1834xp (+40) (Death)

Week 22: Berg: 2125xp - 3042xp (+40); Azriel: 2749xp (+40)

Week 23: Berg: 3042xp (+40); Azriel: 2749xp (+40)

Week 24: Berg: 3042xp (+40); Azriel: 2749xp (+40)

Week 25: Berg: 3042xp - 3326xp (+40); Azriel: 2749xp - 3033xp (+40)

Week 26: Berg: 3326xp -3829xp (+40) Azriel: 3033xp - 3536xp (+40)

Week 27: Berg: 3829xp - + 700 + 400(Missed "Jellies+Fungus")+ 235 - 5164xp (+40);
Azriel: 3536xp - +700+400+235 - 4871xp

Week 28: Berg: 5164xp - 5927; Azriel: 4871xp - 5634xp

Week 29: Berg: 5927xp + 763(Incorrect duplicate) 575(Correct Wyvern) - 6502 (lvl 5!);
Azriel: 5634 - + 763(Incorrect) 575xp - 6209xp

Berg is missing 400xp from week 27. Berg & Azriel are missing 40xp from a giant spider week 20.
At the beginning of Week 29 @AdamKoebel mistakenly gave them the xp from the Kobold fight again (763xp) when in actuality they hadn't gotten the xp for the wyvern fight (575xp).
Bergs total xp at the beginning of week 29(Note!) should therefore be 6502 (lvl 5), Azriel's should be 6209 and Black Gale & Nak'ana Ino should have their xp reduced by 188.

It was discussed that Max would be allowed to transfer some amount of xp from one of his characters to the other when he played both Berg & Volnach when that adventure was done and one character had to leave. It was not touched on again when Volnach died, so I have included Volnach's xp in case that's a thing that is still on the table. The amount of xp over his starting xp (900) is 934.

None of the main-cast got any quest-finished xp for the previous quest (Drug-mining operation, dinosaurs, drugs, weird floating crystal, you know the one) so players might want to inquire about that as well.

It might also be worth noting that the players have not yet recieved xp for the big fight at the end of week 29. Just to make sure that's been mentioned. Chuckles MVP.

Bergs total xp at the beginning of week 29(Note!) should be 6502, Azriel's should be 6209 and Black Gale & Nak'ana Ino should have their xp reduced by 188.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #2

I can't confirm but I give you much respect for going through all this. Good job.

(Utherix) #3

You're the hero this stream needs.

(AdamKoebel) #4

this is great - thank you!

(Zhairin) #5

Hah, that might be a bit overdramatic but thank you.

(Zhairin) #6

You're welcome, always happy to help.

(banned) #7

I didn't even think about it, but it's good that CoS is today too since it'll be on their minds for implementation.

@itmeJP @DansGaming I don't know if Gassy is on the site. You might ask Adam about this.

(Zhairin) #8

That's partly why I decided to post it today, plus that I only got done rewatching everything a few hours ago.