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Court of Swords too challenging?


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JP quit caring about that after the second one in Rollplay Legacy. He's said as much before.

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Larges hoards of enemies dont work very well for DnD you have to HACK THE SYSTEM!! to try to deal with them.

How do you adjudicate the turns and actions of 30 goblins?
+ large numbers of rolls lead to large numbers of crits which gets silly
+ sitting in a chokepoint while you fight 1 goblin a time gets tiresome
+ encounter building math for challenge and xp breaks when the number of enemies gets really high and the xp you get ends up being really small for example 32 cr1 creatures is roughly the same difficulty as a single cr 20 creature.

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It's interesting that Mass combat come up. Playing DnD with Pornstars recently wrote an article on it.

I'm not sure if we can link that sort of thing here so I'll just leave it at its' an article called "The End of Thought Eater" written on Jan. 17, 2017.

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If we cant link it I'm sure someone will be ever so nice and tell us respectfully, calmly and without doing anything hasty

I think I found the wrong article:

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it has been a recurring theme from the start of the campaign since gassy's "melee only" rogue& Jp's dex barbarian who didn't rage in her fights until episode 2. Separately it's fine and entertaining, in the same group it's tpk material. The few decently rolled characters (including the totally random gnome one, who ended up surprisingly decent, i do that i end up with a 7 str/4dex halfling barbarian proficient in history and religion at best) can't fix the lack of class synergy(lack of heal capable characters) of most groups involved(and i fell like the players will just charge to the next fight and not rest anyway). Do not get me wrong, It's still a pretty entertaining show, but it constantly reinforce my "Never roll HP dice, always take average hp" and "POINT BUY builds ONLY, rolling attribute is for people that like to to play either over/under powered characters only" prejudices. Pretty well mastered game too.

Also yes mass combat and action economy is hard to balance.

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I really actually like when the boss behind the "dragon"/the evil army is some littlefinger like shit at fighting politician megalomaniac. It's like the epitome of the genre trope. And It's the trope i can never get enough of.

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By pure monster CR perhaps the encounter was only hard, but the environment construction and creature abilities made it significantly more difficult than that would indicate. The party makeup was 4 melee and 2 ranged, going up against (among other things) a ranged creature of CR equal to their level, with the creature hiding in a pitch black area they could not illuminate, with an impassable chasm between them and the creature, with a wide open area of no cover from which they could attack.

The encounter is certainly doable, but it is very technically difficult to fight effectively. The players aren't top tier at the combat mechanics, especially since the party composition changes so frequently and different guests are coming in for the fourth slot. Encounters like this are going to be much harder than they would appear to be on paper.

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The sad problem I'm seeing currently is that JP originally pitched a feature of Court of Swords being "a focus on players understanding the mechanics" - and they really, really don't, with the exception of perhaps Dan. Adam is still DMing for the original Court of Swords pitch but the players are seemingly not even trying to meet him half way.

I understand they're busy people and can't set aside an hour a week before the session to brush up on their characters, but it was part of the original Court of Swords pitch that it would be hard and that the players would work on knowing the game. So far we have one half. The campaign is as challenging as it needs to be, but the players aren't as committed to being good as JP originally posited for the game.

I dunno - I still like the show a lot. But I do feel like it could be a lot more if characters were given time to grow, and I'd rather Adam didn't tone down the lethality to make that happen. I'll still watch either way - it's by no means bad, not at all. Could be better, but so could literally everything and I for one am still entertained.

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I think the problem is that there´s no room for mistakes, Adam creates a merciless world full of hard and deadly encounters that´s almost impossible to survive with bad rolls and missed mechanics (hunters mark, pushing monster prone, etc).

There´s been like 3(?) different story archs and at some point Adam (or the cast) will run out of good ideas to implement characters to an already existing "battlefield", there´s always been a point of focus though with the different (but reappearing) evil forces but right now there seems to be different interests between the characters who still exists. What´s the corelation between Berg and Azriel now? it feels weird that they´re gonna travel the world together, and do what? Bergs initial goal was to get rid of his manacle so he could escape from the clutches of whatever his name was?, he is still under the influence of another person and what does Azriel as a Paladin feel towards a prisoner/thug(Berg was sent to prison for killing people)

To me it seems like the world progression is snowballing out of proportion to what the cast can handle, the character investment seems to thin on each new character and development of every new character focus lost on the players.

Basically agreeing with alot of people that Adam needs to lower the bar a bit, IF he needs some breathing room for his creative mind. Adam destroys characters while he lets the world build layers upon layers of fun and evil content.

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To be fair there is a pretty stark difference in their early weeks in CoS compared to now. It's just learning through attrition.

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That's what the Alignment system is for and the Tarot readings. It will create that stuff through the threads of fate.

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But basically the threads of fate can also force Azriel to put an end to Bergs life (or atleast try) ? or alternatively turn him into the Court of Swords or whatever he was forcefully working for..? I don´t understand how the tarot readings and threads of fate can help their party, if by sheer luck they can find some kind of campionship? this seems to be falling out of topic so feel free to respond in PM

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Nothing that we've seen of previous readings would indicate that would be a possibility. The first idea.

The readings are more of an idea, the players interpret it as they see fit, and that defines the directions they take.

I feel like this is on topic enough to keep it out of PM territory

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JP did say something about that character having "served his purpose". Perhaps that character's purpose was really only to unite the two "parties".

Despite what JP has said in the past, I do believe he cares about his characters. He just isn't so attached to them that he'll be tilted by their deaths. His Kenku roll is the perfect example of this. He's definitely invested in the show enough to care enough about playing the Kenku correctly, but if he loses the character, it's not going to ruin his day. I can respect that.

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I agree with this idea completely. I can't speak for the players on the show, but on average, keeping a fire lit is key to having players invested in long campaigns. We can't forget that the players are supposed to be Adventurers. Generally a cut above the rest.

A couple of encounters where maybe the enemies are rather weak but not the main focus of the event would prove to highlight that "wow factor" invigorating the players and audience alike. Something akin to a puzzle of a scenario, and the enemies are little more than a hindrance. I suspect even if Adam enjoys killing PC's--which I doubt is even his goal--it would be tastier to get them more invested in their characters by empowering them once in a while. Also makes it more entertaining to watch; healthy balance of desperation and awesome PC action.