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Court Of Swords the NPC


(ProjectL2G) #1
Hello! I have been watching Court of Swords for a bit on Youtube. As I watch, I fall more and more in love with the lore and world the players find themselves in. More than that, I find my self being fully engrossed in the characters and character development. I am very fond of the relationship that Azur Vortex ( I don't really know how to spell her name) and Berg have developed via their adventures until they... sadly part ways. (You meet Azur Vortex and see her go during the first 20 weeks or so of Court of Swords)
 I am curious about if there will be such relationships with Non-player characters (NPC) and player characters (PC) as the story deepens and more things develop both above and below the world. I am not saying it should be romantic or anything such as that, but I do enjoy the way things formed between Azur and Berg. For example, Azur was unsure at the start whether to trust Berg or not. As time went on, however, she ended up trying her best to protect him and only trusting him. 
It was a sort of relationship that I found far more interesting than the other NPC's I had listened to. I don't know if it was the timing on the development of the character or if it was the character's behavior with the PC's, but I do know that the interactions with the other characters felt natural with Azur. I am excited to see how many more of these interesting NPC's will come as I watch the show further.
Now, I simply wanted to talk about something I feel might go under the radar of most players or audience. NPC's that live and are there for a short time feel like... well, NPC's. All the while the NPC's that are with the PC's for a much longer time and develop themselves makes the story feel far more interesting and gives the world life. It is especially so when that same NPC is lost via death or is taken away in some fashion. This furthers the story and gives us a reason to root for the Players as they try to get the NPC back or boo them as they use the NPC as cannon fodder.

These are my thoughts of what I have listened to over the course of the seasons. I enjoyed the relationship development with Azur and Berg and am excited to see what more characters await in this thrilling world. My only hope is that you appreciate more of the things you think less of and see the Court of Swords in a new light.

The only question I have for you now is as follows:

What NPC has impacted you and deepened your love/interest of Roll Play?

Thank you for reading


The characters as they progress are far more interesting than most tend to notice.