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Court of Swords S2 character fanart


(Voidwalker91) #1

Here it is my collection of Fanart for the show. Hope you like it!! <3 <3

Persnidgetron, played by Day9tv, make his entrance on ep.15 of the series. His stats talk by themselves but the game does not care that much.
Probably my fault but, i did not know if he choose to play a Female or Male so i made both!!

Berg, the first one i made.
Really sad for the unfotunate events that led to Wester death. But Berg is awesome too! Even with those stats. Hope that the rest of the adventures will be more lucky for him.

Janus, the potential MVP of the campaign. Now that he has reached lvl2, shoud give a real punch in combat, continuing on chopping heads with rapiers and arrows. (With dice blessing)

Here it is Ramus Krill. Really cool and funny character, and when is time to fight, that holy light is really effective.

Last, but not least: Gideon the Druid. Fortunately he reached lvl2 because those stats could've killed him pretty fast. But what he lacks in numbers, he will achieve it thanks to the stronger class in the game.

RollPlay: Court of Swords - Season 1 Overview

These are freaking amazing! People are probably watching this live right now but hopefully after that they will flood to this topic :smiley:

(That Guy™) #3

Season 1 sure was short :itmejpexcite:

(Moose2033) #4

Season 1 was like a longer British TV show, 6-8 EPs.

(That Guy™) #5

It was the prequel series, and now we're in with the real season 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

(FlippoManiacs) #6

really cool. Will you keep doing this for other guests too? Oh and i guess for the next characters of Max...

(AdamKoebel) #7

whoa this is so good! they look amazing - good work picking up on the non-western vibes for the designs, too.

(haloson29) #8

These are so cool and so VERY awesome! Great work!

(Voidwalker91) #9

Yes, i just love crating characters for roleplaying! If time will be on my side, i'll be doing some more! Thanks :smiley:

(itmeJP) #10

Damn! These are fantastic! Would you mind if we used these as headshots for our in-game avatars?

(destraudo) #11

these are seriously great. great design and great pick up of eastern armor themes.

(BulldogCFC) #12

Really nice! Ramus looks awesome!

(Absent_Minds) #13

Dude they are so cool, love the style you got going on there. They would make some good posters!!!!

(ChefPeace) #14

Wow! Look at these @Woadwise

(Voidwalker91) #15

It would be an honour JP! (OMG ) Thank you very much!!

(AdamKoebel) #16

@itmeJP adding these to roll20

(bitbot2000) #17

That is awesome! Congrats ^_^

(Voidwalker91) #18

Character studies for Day9TV <3 Had fun with gnome's unusual anatomy!

So why did i made two?
Because i don't remember he said if his character would be male or female.
And on the latter case, his ridiculous name would be even more epic with a lady gnome attached to it!

SPOILERS: This evening during the show i'll upload the final versions of the two drawings with colours and stuff ;D
Stay Tuned!!

(Voidwalker91) #19

Really loved doing these characters. From the anatomy to the equipment and the colours, i really like how they came out. Still feeling like a Lady Persnidgetron could be pretty epic... xD

(AdamKoebel) #20

thank you so much! and so fast, too! :smiley: