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Long but effective ! Great insight on party composition, good job :itmejpgg:

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There is an old tale told on silent nights in the marshlands of the Court of Swords. A tale of adventure and of blasphemy. About how the very mud the people walked on was created. It is but whispered by old Storytellers of the Hill Dwarves, for it is forbidden to be told by Human Law. It is a tale about the gods. But long before they had formed the bureaucracy of heaven. About a river and her vengeance and those mortals brave enough to stand against her tide. It was forbidden long ago, because it shows the gods for what they truly are. Falible things, powerful, yes, but far from perfect. Often angry, seldom merciful and always arrogant.
Sinh was a devout man. Before he lost his family, that is. But the courts took everything from him. The ARCANA took everything from him. And that is when the whispers began. Dark tendrils that told him of a world that could be, should the Arcana fall. And about the power he could hold, should he wish to bring about that world. Under their guidance he hired a small group of mercenaries with what little money he had left and ventured into an old ruin, long forgotten by civilization. The place was trapped. His travelling band not long fated for this world. But by some miracle, Sinh himself survived, and made it into the deepest sanctuary of the ancient stone. And in this place, inside a mountain, where once mighty dwarves took hammer to anvil, he found strange pictures and runes, drawn onto the walls. They were of a language he had never seen, but the shadows twisted and contorted until he could read. And he read said tale. Of a river, of a mountain and of a forest. And of mortals. Mortals that stood against the gods. Mortals, that had seen, how fickle, how petty the gods truly were. The ending of the story rang true to him. "There will always be those that stand against gods like you". And as the shadows of the Mara took hold inside of him, and the dead bodies of those that had ventured here with him began to rise, he knew, that he would be the one to destroy the World the gods had built. To tear down their facade and end this oppression, which had existed since time immemorial.