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Hi everyone! We did a live show! This is the feedback and Q&A thread. If you have questions about the game, the story, the production or want to ask JP, Adam, Scoots or the cast about anything at all, here’s the place!

Here’s the VOD for subs:

YouTube VoDs coming this week @


The whole thing was on another level to the other shows (which i also loved). The production was great, the camera moves were great for both showing what needed to be seen at the right time whilst being dynamic enough to add interest.
The set was phenomenal, it worked so well and the touchscreen integration looked great. i hope we get some nerd details on that aspect as i am super interested in it.
The show/story itself was paced so well, the 8 hours flew by but felt satisfying and complete when finished. Cast interaction was even better than usual which I suppose is the whole point of in person play. Finally I’d like to give a special shout out to the care Erin took every time she put her drink down to not make a noise! The consummate pro! :smiley: Thank you everyone!


This was probably the best live show yet. I can’t believe they keep getting better and better. On another note, I watched the prep stream and was wondering why the final encounter was adjusted from the prep? Was it a time issue or because of the difficulty? I kinda missed having a super tough encounter in this show, but the quality of the role playing totally made up for it. It was great seeing JP play a character he could really get into.

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What kind of touchscreen was it you used for the map on the table? It seemed to work great.
In terms of production this was definitely the most well done production yet, and I’m excited to see you continually improving upon the live show format. Also a great end to the arc, stoked for some Zeke action.

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Rollplay <3 Better every time! Production and set were off the charts this time, really really good! Also, I’m so looking forward to having Zeke on the show!

Edit: Why is this post a reply to @NicVspz? I didn’t hit reply :thinking: Anyway! :smiley:

For me prep is more about “in case” rather than preordainment. If there is another way to have an encounter, I won’t force the combat I’ve prepped. So in this case, the time was running pretty low and the players weren’t pushing a violent end and I went another way with it!


It’s a Sharp Aquos touchscreen tv.


I loved the big size of the dice used, as it was much easier for me to see the result, especially combined with fluent camera movements. I felt that all of the players got into their characters very well but it felt odd with only a few of them “cosplaying” but since the characters themselves are not that old yet I can see why not.
I just got the feeling that there was a discord between the players as to if they were supposed to cosplay or not and that changed the feeling from “These guys are super into this” to “These is a group that are having fun in D&D”. Both of them are fine for a stream, but if everyone had been on the same type from the start, it would have been better.

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I wasn’t able to watch from beginning to end but saw at least a couple hours total. That said:
Cons first:

  1. it felt like Adam had to really fill in gaps or “color commentary” for players to keep things interesting. Also seemed like JP had to be an instigator to create any drama. Felt a bit like everyone was just walking thru the story rather than helping to create it. Again I didn’t watch all of it.
  2. voice levels were all over. Don’t think it was Scoot"s fault tho. Even with those head mics the player really needs to speak clearly rather than mumble to their neighbor. Can’t go from a whisper to loud laughter without peaking my speakers.


  1. set was top notch. Couldn’t tell if the fire place was real electric or just an overlay. Environment set a perfect tone and showed really well
  2. lighting. I’ve complained about too much blue or purple in the past and this was significantly improved. Srsly great here.
  3. table display and die rolling. The die were so easy to see and it really draws you in. The display was super clear (no glare!) and made the map easier to understand. Only suggestion is clearer player icons to better understand who is who on map.
  4. plot and enemies. Adam continues to bring it with crazy challenges and twists.

Overall great work! Another reminder of why contributing with patreon is worth. All of the work that goes into these live events shows clearly in how smooth they appear.

P.S. the more animated clips the better! :slight_smile:


Another amazing show. Everything from production to the set to the show it was so good. JP playing a dwarf was amazingly good. Adam as always doing a great job with the story.

@itmeJP @AdamKoebel @SirScoots @Aureylian You all did a great job, you really got the hang of it that time ! I’m so glad to participate for that project as a Patreon :grin:

JP’s character was ON POINT, you should make more dwarves you roleplay them So well !

Scoots is just doin magic with those cams, maybe less zoom on the dices tho ? On d20s why not, but damage dices is overkill in my opinion. The last thing you have to work on is making sure to let the d20 in the boxes so that the fancy zooms aren’t wasted. It’s really the only point away from a perfect, and that’s very good !

Last thing is getting used to those tablets + roll20 now :slight_smile:

Overall top notch stream 8 hours flew by.

Few pointers for the future.

Audio was at parts ranging from semi quiet to very loud and this was enhanced by the fact that audio was very sharp and the S’s and such came out super strong especially from Adam. So balancing the audio between the cast members could be one thing to look at.

Biggest “issue” I would was was the use of the big dice which while helped somewhat in clarity of what was rolled ended up with half of the rolls not even being rolls which also caused the high number of 20’s. I’d look into regular sized pure white die with either black or some bright coloured numbers for clarity purposes.

So overall small gripes really.

I’m both interested and terrified over the upcoming changes to CoS I’m guessing the difficulty will drop, but I really hope only very slightly.

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Huge props to everyone for the set design! Every aspect from the table, to the set decoration, to the dice and use of dice trays, to the camera work was the best we’ve seen yet from Rollplay Live! The work that JP did on getting that TV to work… Scoots new camera tricks… But especially props to Erin on the decoration… this set was definitely on a new level!

Great job folks!

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So a bit of a question with JP’s choice of words with Zeke joining COS. He usually says “X will be the next guest on CoS”. This time it was "thanks for watching the show today! @Ezekiel_III joins the main cast of Court of Swords November 7th @ 6PM Eastern ". To me that could either be that Zeke is joining the main cast and will be a 4th member of the main cast, or he is coming in to join the main cast as a guest. I’m sorry if this has been explained or worded differently elsewhere just thought it was interesting.

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Guys, everyone outdid themselves. It was unbelievable. As a patron, when I first pledged I was just expecting to support and get a couple behind the scenes things here and there. Never did I expect the level of production,commitment, and overall passion everyone brings to the live shows. Not only were the touchscreen and panning dice camera shots a step above previous shows, but the fights are usually my favourite whereas in this show I thought the RP was even better. JP as the old crotchety dwarf, and the relationship with Yomm. Salix played her role to a tee, and max made me really think he was Thorn. The clips in between were hilarious, and it made for the best live show/Saturday evening I’ve had in a while. I honestly didn’t know how you guys would be able to consistently top yourselves but you do time and time again. You make my pledge/subs every month worth it 1000x over. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the care and attention to detail you guys put into it. BRAVO


I don’t think the use of the countdown dice really caused much change in the randomness. Ken rolled 4 1s in a row and he was using a normal die. Plus, the big dice looked so much better on the cam. Although, I will say that the players should maybe have gotten more used to rolling the different dice to prevent the cocking and make it look more smooth.

JP tweeted that there will be some announcements this week about CoS moving forward. That should probably clear it up.

I kind of hope Thorn takes the story of Salix back to his people and in ten thousand years the Tabaxi are the only ones who do not shun Tieflings on sight.


IIRC, I think what was said was “He’s (Zeke) probably going to be with us for quite a while”. Either is A-OK with me - staying as a long term guest or a permanent cast member.

To engage in some speculation, I think while JP to a degree still “doesn’t care” when a character dies, I think, even more than he let on, really hates at this point creating new characters, and doing away with a guest slot every arc fixes one issue - a more cohesive, solid party setup. Zeke came off as a very adaptable, team orientated player in Blades (besides being great to watch RP), so he seems like a solid pick if he was to be a permanent member.

I say one issue, because I have a feeling that JP had some input about the show in general, and he and Adam discussed other things about CoS that we’ll probably hear about in the upcoming announcements.

Edit: To further toot Zeke’s horn, I think he’s also shown to be very dependable when it comes to being able to play /host when he’s away from home, which is probably a big plus in JP’s book from a content creator’s standpoint.

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Countdown dice? I have no idea what you are talking about.