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[COURT OF SWORDS // PRIMORDIAL ARC // E02] Blood in the Water


(Typoko) #121

Oh... well i hope he finds some inspiration before the show goes on. All random for a 8 hours of play might get a bit rough.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #122

Yeah I hope he makes a new character that he enjoys, he should play a Sorcerer to get that extra fire power.

(Olf_Himself) #123

Sorcerers are squishy though. :itmejplol:
Maybe he should go full defensive Paladin.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #124

They can't hurt you if they're burning in a fireball. :grin: Is there chainmail back then?

(DesmondDentresti) #125

Squishy, but with 13+Dex AC if you end up trapped in a cave with none of your equipment. :itmejphappy:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #126

This guy knows what's up.

(Karamor) #127

Dragon sorcs aren't even that squishy.

(profnesbitt) #128

Depending on what heavy armor is available and if Adam lets them take the sword coast adventures cantrips @itmeJP could make a pretty awesome and tanky Paladin 2 / Sorcerer 3. You count as a 4th level spell caster so tons of smites and damage with sword coast cantrips of booming blade and green flame blade (cantrips scale based on character level not class level). The shield spell as a reaction and the option of shield of faith makes you crazy tanky. With the quickened metamagic you can do awesome stuff like cast bless or hold person (not sure how useful that spell will be in this campaign) as a bonus action and then still attack with booming blade. Without the sword coast cantrips it could still be decent but they will really rely on thorn and salix for damage while the other two tank.

Rollplay wise I think a character that prayed and got their powers through praying to the fountain (paladin) until one day stronger powers manifested within themselves (sorcerer) would be real fun to rollplay. You’ve got that dichotomy of do you trust yourself more than your beliefs and question whether you are blashpheming the fountain every time you use sorcery. It’d be great.

(VyRe40) #129

That's a pretty hot combo. I love all the melee-caster stuff offered by Sword Coast, and it gets me hyped for whatever spells they're gonna put out in Xanathar's.

But it ultimately doesn't matter if JP's just gonna random a character up.

(DesmondDentresti) #130

Yeah, they can easily be tankier than rogues, generally speaking.
+1 hp per level is like getting d8 HD but feels safer to roll to try to swing your Hit points up over the average due to lower variance.
Free Chainshirt with uncapped Dex modifier on AC that weighs nothing? OH BOY!

(Possibly Batman) #131

In case you missed the tweet, there is a new Patreon video with his new char creation :itmejp10:

(VyRe40) #132

No spoilers - I was pleasantly surprised. Should be a good live show. Though I still think everyone should roll up back-ups... :itmejpgmtpk:

(crispyrat) #133

Karamor is 100% correct. Consistently, the CoS groups aren't optimally structured to deal with Hard/Deadly encounters. This because they have a single point of failure for healing, or dealing with downed characters.

Take the goo that was hitting like a truck. Let's say it deals 25 and downs a character. A single level of Cleric/Druid/Bard allows Healing Word - as a Bonus Action (so your "main function" continues) - to stand up the character that was just splattered. Who cares if it's inefficient? The game says - negatives don't matter all that much unless it's going to outright kill you. So, even at a terrible efficiency - say 1 HP - you get that person back up.

The goo swings again at the character. 25 points. Down. Stand them back up with Healing Word for 1. Goo swings. 25 points. Character down.

Here's the thing. That's 50(!) points of damage that other characters didn't take, and 2 rounds of Goo barshing. That's the difference between a TPK and an encounter you can demolish.

Too often Berg lives, because he's useless at just sending over a single HP of help, and then he runs.

There's enough god-meddling in CoS that almost any character can justify Cleric or Druid at a single level. And if you start at 5? 4/1 with the one being a class that can help in times of high stress makes sense.

In the group I run, a group of 5, has a Cleric/Druid/Paladin/Sorcerer/Rogue. They are really, really hard to kill. The Protection Paladin with the cheesy 1 HP Lay on Hands makes Deadly single monster encounters almost Trivial. This is the game part of DnD that CoS characters haven't quite figured out.

Adam, rightly, kills characters with encounters that "shouldn't be deadly" but that's because he plays them optimally and for keeps. He's playing the game part of DnD fully. If the characters don't play for keeps and are structured sub-optimally, deaths will continue to happen.

(UmbraSanctum) #134

I agree with most of that. Though, if Adam were truly playing for keeps, as it were, he'd be double tapping downed players. He's playing in regards to what makes most sense in regards to a hyper realistic scenario. The monsters seldom act purely out of game mechanic advantage, but rather real life sensibility and situational advantage imo.

(crispyrat) #135

Yes. You are correct. By "for keeps" I meant that he has no issue/qualm killing a character once the table is set. He does, however, set the table in advantageous scenarios for the monsters - something perfectly okay - but it can make Hard/Deadly encounters ++ especially if the groups aren't built properly.

I agree he plays the monsters with "playalism," rather than with mechanically maximized bloodlust.