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Court of Swords: Helpful New Player Combat Tool

I run a west marches style game with my friends and as such i get a lot of good players and a lot of new ones. The combat in 5e seems to confuse my newer players with action, bonus action, movement and reaction. It usually takes some time explaining what they can do or can’t. I found this link to a combat reference guide with breakdowns of turns on it. It also contains the effects such as poison or restrained. It includes rules for sight also! This is for @AdamKoebel to look at primarily and maybe dish out to the PC’s of the future.


oooooh, cool. thanks for sharing this!

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That’s really handy.

Nice sheet. Tho i would cut out the conditions part as it doesn’t really add anything.

As a house rules we have been playing so that you can drop a shield as a free action. Equipping still takes the action, but dropping one gives a bit more flexibility. Tho this makes it possible for 2h users to carry a shield and then drop it if after a possible ambush round, but it hasn’t been an issue.

We also treat dim light as it was normal in most cases. This is something that helps the non-darkvision races to be more competent in dungeons.

In the context of this table does anyone else have house rules that differ from the norm?

It’s interactive, you can click on them and will tell you more.

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Ooooooooooooooh! This is so fast in my bookmarks i did it before i had time to reply. :slight_smile: