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Court of Swords: Form From Chaos (Harp)


(Twitch: samanthaballard) #1

I have become a ghost on the community site for about the past year, but the descriptions of Yutrix’s (spelling?) domain in Episode 55 were so vivid for me that I immediately thought of background music if it were a movie or TV show.

Some of the things I tried to incorporate were the floating lights, the ground floating upwards after a footstep, and the laughing flowers, as well as a general sense of moving from chaos to form and back into chaos.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

(HellsCreso) #2

This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it!

(Possibly Batman) #3

Oh wow, this is so fantastic! Thanks for sharing @samiaantha :itmejpheart:

(Mr_Undergr0und) #4

this is amazing

(AdamKoebel) #5

plz do a collaboration with @Absent_Minds please please

(Possibly Batman) #6

OMG yes please!!

(Twitch: samanthaballard) #7

That would be really cool! ^^

(Twitch: uzling) #8

Just insane… the pure talent we got in this community! mind blow again again 10/10

(Edokdyshi) #9

@itmeJP @AdamKoebel if you can, please use this for the live show in February!!

(Absent_Minds) #10

Damn that gave me goose bumps, fucking love it :itmejp10:

(Twitch: lurkingleoncino) #11

This one goes straight into my everyday playlist. It has such an amazing atmosphere, i love it! It’s really inspiring and fits perfectly the mood! Thank you for creating such awesome music and thanks for sharing <3

Yes please! :persevere:

(Landwaker) #12

Wow wow wow, this is beautiful. Thank you.