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Court of Swords finally is the show I always knew it would be (spoilers tor episode 55)

(saberthedarklord) #1

So I’ve always loved Court of Swords as a setting, Adam created probably my favorite setting of all time, but as other people had realized, the campaign had major flaws. The high death count was a turn off for many, and the long slogs through combat really bored or angered people, I even took long breaks from the show out of lack of interest. However episode 55 really sunk it in that this show is one of my favorite, behind Swan Song. It was the moment after Berg started to suffer going through the last of the rings, it did what only one or two other table top shows have done, made me emotional. I want to say…to anyone who disliked the show before, it’s getting so much better, and the setting that Adam has created is wonderful. I just wanted to get that all out there, thanks for reading my late night rambles